Adults|Grammar|Intermediate|10. For/since; When/How long?

Read the rules

We use for and since to say how long something has been happening.

We use for + a period of time (two hours, six weeks etc.):

I’ve been waiting for two hours.



two hours, a long time, a week, 20 minutes, six months, ages, five days, 50 years, years

1. Sally has been working here for six months. (not since six months)

2. I haven’t seen Tom for three days. (not since three days)

We use since + the start of a period (8 o’clock, Monday, 1999 etc.):

I’ve been waiting since 8 o’clock.



8 o’clock, April, lunchtime, Monday, 1985, we arrived, 12 May, Christmas, I got up

1. Sally has been working here since April. (= from April until now)

2. I haven’t seen Tom since Monday. (= from Monday until now)

It is possible to leave out for (but not usually in negative sentences):

1. They’ve been married (for) ten years. (with or without for)

2. They haven’t had a holiday for ten years. (you must use for)

We do not use for + all … (all day / all my life etc.):

I’ve lived here all my life. (not for all my life)



Compare when…? (+ past simple) and how long…? (+ present perfect):

Read the rules

We say «It’s (a long time / two years etc.) since something happened»:

1. It’s two years since I last saw Joe. (= I haven’t seen Joe for two years)

2. It’s ages since we went to the cinema. (= We haven’t been to the cinema for ages)

You can ask «How long is it since…?»:

1. How long is it since you last saw Joe? (= When did you last see Joe?)

2. How long is it since Mrs Hill died? (= When did Mrs Hill die?)

You can also say «It’s been (= It has been)… since… «:

It’s been two years since I last saw Joe.


Choose for or since

Choose the correct option


(How long/When) has it been raining?

(How long/When) did it start raining?


React to the situations and complete the sentences

Choose the correct answer


Now write Mary’s answers again. This time use It’s… since….

If you open the lesson plan you will be able to assign separate pages as homework or all the homework pages at once.

Урок Homework Курс
  • How long...?
  • When did it start raining?
  • It's since something happened
  • For or since
  • How long and when
  • It's raining
  • Do you often go on holiday?
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