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Read the dialogue and say what is wrong with it

Anna Beth

A: Look at that jacket! It’s amazing but expensive. It is so expensive that I can’t afford it.

B: Yeah, I have never seen such an expensive jacket.

A: Yeah, it’s too expensive.

Click on the word which is different and explain why

✔️to acquire, to get, to give

To acquire is a formal way of saying to get. To give — to let someone have something.

  • Low-priced — cheap in relation to other things of the same kind; invaluable — extremely valuable, priceless, extremely useful.
  • Blunt — speaking in an honest way even if this upsets people; extrovert — someone who is active and confident, and who enjoys spending time with other people.
  • A shoplifter, a robber, a forger are types of criminals. A shoplifter is a person who takes something from a shop without paying for it; a robber — someone who steals money or property; a forger — someone who illegally copies documents, money, paintings, etc. and tries to make people think they are real; a judge — a person who decides how criminals should be punished.
  • Laughable — so stupid that it is impossible to believe or be serious about it; acceptable — good enough to be used for a particular purpose.
  • Sweet food or drink has had sugar added or contains natural sugars; sugary — sweet because a lot of sugar has been added; fatty — containing a lot of fat.
  • If doing something is worthwhile, it is useful for you; fulfilling — making you feel happy and satisfied because you are doing interesting, useful, or important things.
  • Initially — in the beginning, firstly; finally — after a long time.
  • To hit — to touch someone or something quickly and hard with your hand, a stick, etc.; to smack — to hit someone, especially a child, with your open hand to punish them; to offend — to make someone angry or upset by doing or saying something that they think is rude, unkind, etc.

The next challenge is listening. In the picture, you can see elephants. Where are they? What is your attitude to zoos?


Listen to the interview and complete the sentences

The local government is planning to open a new zoo in your town, but some citizens dispute this idea. Listen to the part of the interview with the citizens and complete the sentences with the missing words.

I am not a big animal rights activist, but I have some common sense. And when it comes to wild animals kept in captivity, this common sense tells me one thing: we should not do this.

Because of how our views have changed on animal rights, zoos have improved over the past 30 years. The place where animals spend most of their time is very similar to their natural habitat, and in most cases, zoos have vets. This way animals feel freer (if it’s possible at all to feel free in captivity) and get medical help when they need it. Humane treatment of animals has become the norm nowadays, and spraying cold water on animals with a hose is no longer an ethical way to make them do something.

However, the conditions of zoos and parks are still very different from their natural habitat. A lion or a tiger kept in captivity has about 18,000 times smaller space than in the wild; the situation with polar bears is even worse — their space is about a million times smaller. It definitely has a negative effect on animals. In 2008, a study in the UK found that there were serious concerns about elephants: 75 percent of them were overweight, and only 16 percent were able to walk normally. African elephants live three times longer in the wild than in captivity, and 40 percent of lion cubs die in zoos, compared with 30 percent who live and die in the wild.

Listen to the message and match the photos with the roles

Imagine you are a casting director and you have to choose 4 actors to star in a film episode. The filmmaker sent you a voice message describing the requirements for each role. Listen to the message, look at the photos and match them to the roles.

So, for the first role, we are looking for a girl of Asian appearance to shoot a scene in Singapore. She is a young business owner who looks well in a business suit and with bright makeup.

As for the second role, an important scene will be in the barbershop where a guy will need to shave off his beard. We don’t want to use a fake one, so it is important for the actor to have his natural beard. Also, it is important that the actor is tall and well-built.

Next, the third role. I need a very colorful character, with a lot of tattoos and piercings. A 30-year-old woman would be perfect, but we are ready to consider men as well and adapt the scenario of the scene to the hero.

And finally, for the fourth role, I need a man with long hair in his early thirties. He’s going to play the role of a biker riding in a field so he must be able to ride a bike and do some simple stunts.


Study the information and choose one situation to speak about

Choose a card and say what you would do if you found yourself in such a situation. You need to speak for at least 2 minutes and use the second conditional structure (you don’t have to use it in each sentence). The following phrases may help you:

  • If I were there, I would…
  • If I found myself in that situation, I would…
  • If it happened to me, I would…
  • If I got into this situation, I would…

We are going to have another speaking challenge. Look at the picture. What can you see? What do you think you’re going to speak about?


Read the information and choose the appropriate topic

Nowadays, more and more people tend to lead a healthy lifestyle due to different reasons: health trends, a desire to be more attractive, health problems, etc. Is it true about you? Choose the appropriate card.

That’s awesome! Answer the following questions:

  • What do you do to maintain a healthy lifestyle?
  • What is the hardest thing about it?
  • What made you choose a healthy lifestyle?
  • What advice would you give to people who want to change their habits to be more healthy?

It is important that you understand it. Answer the following questions:

  • What makes your lifestyle unhealthy?
  • Have you ever tried to maintain a healthy lifestyle? What was the result?
  • Are you planning to lead a healthy lifestyle in the future? What/who can make you do it?
  • What advice would you give to people who want to give up improving their lifestyle?


Read the situations and answer the questions using the idioms or phrasal verbs from the list. See the example below

✔️Your friend made a stupid joke about you and you got really upset, but she says that it was just a joke and there’s nothing to be upset about. What are you going to do about it?

I will pull her leg the same way when she doesn’t expect it at all. We’ll see how she will react to it and I hope she will realise her mistake.

to let off; to pull one’s leg; to lie through one’s teeth; to be tight with money; a home truth; to spring into action

1. Your friend wants to apply for a manager position but he doesn’t have any managerial skills. What can you tell your friend about the impossibility of his getting the job?

2. You have noticed the 10-year-old daughter of your neighbour pulling out your roses. What are you going to do in this situation?

3. Your colleague has come to work tired and sleepy. He keeps saying he was working all night long, but yesterday you saw him posting party videos on social media. What can you tell him not to do?

4. Your friend wants to borrow some more money from you. He has already done it many times, and it usually takes him too much time to give it back. You got tired of it! What are you going to say to him?

5. You have found out that the employee who will be the first to sell your company’s new product will get promoted next month. What are you going to do?

  • to pull one’s leg — to tell someone something that is not true, as a joke
  • a home truth — a true but unpleasant fact that someone tells you about yourself
  • to let somebody off — to not punish someone
  • to lie through one’s teeth — to say something completely untrue
  • to be tight with money — to not have enough money; to be mean/not generous
  • to spring into action — to suddenly become active, start moving, or start working

Let’s see what result you might get in the exam. However, if you have been paying attention during today’s lesson, you will definitely get a better score.


Total score:

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