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Read the information about the exam

You will have 6 challenges based on the materials you studied during the course:

🔹1 lexical challenge;
🔹2 listening challenges;
🔹2 speaking challenges;
🔹1 mixed challenge.


Click on the phrase or phrase that is different and explain why

✔️a bug, a mosquito, a coach

The word a coach is the odd one out. A bug and a mosquito are small insects, but a coach is a person who trains a person or team in a sport.

🔹it’s unheard of, it is out of the ordinary — it’s unusual or unexpected
it happens all the time — it happens very often

🔹full of beans, energetic — full of energy
delighted — very happy

🔹to walk down the aisle, to get married — to have a wedding
to get together — to meet in order to spend time together

🔹tedious, boring — not interesting in any way
bearable — something that is difficult, but you can deal with it

🔹a mugger, a burglar, a pickpocket — kinds of thieves
a childminder — a person who is paid to look after young children while their parents are at work

🔹solace — a feeling of emotional comfort and calmness at a time of great sadness
comfort — a feeling of being physically relaxed and satisfied
hope — a feeling of wanting something to happen or be true and believing that it is possible or likely

🔹to be trapped, to be stuck — to be in a situation or place from which you can’t escape
to be lost — to be unable to find a way somewhere

🔹to talk somebody into something, to persuade somebody to do something — to make someone decide to do something, especially by giving them reasons why they should do it
to talk somebody out of something — to persuade somebody not to do something

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Read the information and do the task

Your friend is going on a trip to Europe. He asked you if the tipping culture is different abroad and if he should leave a tip every time he goes to a restaurant. You recalled that a few days ago you saw a podcast episode hosted by a restaurateur.
Listen to the podcast and type in the missing words to share the main ideas with your friend later.

Tipping is not only about the service in a restaurant but also about the cuisine. In our restaurant, we share tips between the waiters and the kitchen staff. That is why even if I did not like the service, I will still leave a tip because I know how the restaurant industry works. But, not all guests know it and think that their tips go only to the waiter. So, if there were questions about the service, the guest may not leave anything.

People often tip 10% of their total check. But, this cannot always work with foreigners, because in some countries, such as Great Britain, a service charge might already be included in the check, and the British think that it is the same in other countries.

I reckon, there’s no need to tip if the order does not match the description, the dish is tasteless, looks disgusting plus the service is poor. At the same time, employees do not want to react and somehow deal with a problem. But if a waiter apologized plus offered you free coffee or juice, then why not leave a tip?

I am confident in my employees, both in the service they deliver and the quality of the food. If visitors do not leave a tip, it means that they are not satisfied with something. May it be fate, life, wife, partners — or they have some kind of psychological problem, or just a bad day.

It is a well-known fact: if you go to a restaurant, you have to leave a tip if you enjoyed the service and the quality of the food.

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Read the task. Then listen to the messages and match the clients with the pictures

Imagine you are a real estate agent. You’ve got 4 new clients who are looking for their perfect houses. Listen to the voice messages describing the houses they need and choose the most suitable option for each client. Look at the pictures of the houses and their descriptions first.

Client 1: We would like a house that is located next to the water — on the shore of a lake or riverbank. It is important for us that the house is set in a beautiful countryside, made of natural wood and designed in a traditional Scandinavian style. It should be a two-story building because we have a large family of 6 people. And preferably without neighbours nearby, so to speak, in the middle of nowhere because our previous neighbours were throwing such loud parties that we couldn’t sleep!

Client 2: We are ready for both detached or a small semi-detached house. It would be ideal if it is a one-story house built in Mediterranean style. Also, we have always dreamed of a place with a big garden around it and the atmosphere of the neighbourhood should be free of the bustle of the city.

Client 3: Now I spend a lot of time working, so I need the apartment to be close to the centre to commute to work faster. The beautiful view of the city always inspires me to new, creative ideas, so I would like the apartment to be on a higher floor with good views and large windows. It is important for me to have natural light supply, so south-east facing is preferable.

Client 4: We are looking for an apartment on the top floor with a terrace and beautiful views. We would prefer to live somewhere on the outskirts with a tranquil environment. I’d like light and spacious rooms and we need full living accommodation: heating, hot water, parking.

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Choose the topic and talk about it for two minutes

Choose a situation and say what you would do if it happened to you. You need to speak for at least 2 minutes and use the second conditional (you don’t have to use it in each sentence). The following phrases may help you:

  • If I were there, I would…
  • If I found myself in that situation, I would…
  • If it happened to me, I would…
  • If I got stuck there, I would…
  • If I were offered it, I would…
  • If I were you, I would…

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There’s one more speaking challenge. Look at the picture. What do you think you are going to talk about?


Choose the topic and talk about it for two minutes

The statistics say that about 30% of people experience stress throughout the year. It is caused by various factors: constantly buzzing smartphones, the rhythm of urban life, work calls on the weekend, etc. Is it true about you? Choose the appropriate card and speak for at least 2 minutes.

It’s great you realise it! Talk about:

  • the reasons for getting stressed;
  • how it has been influencing your life;
  • what you do to reduce stress;
  • what advice you would give people who have just faced this problem.

Wow! This is a skill that deserves respect. Talk about:

  • what you do to reduce stress;
  • if sport is useful for getting rid of stress and why (why not);
  • what advice you would give people who are constantly under stress.

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Score for speaking:

Read the definitions of the phrases you studied in the course. Then listen to the songs and complete the gaps with these phrases

If we go down then we go down together. We’ll get away with everything. Let’s show them we are better. Let’s show them we are better.

This is it, last straw, that’s all, that’s it. I ain’t dealin’ with another fucking politic. I’m like a skillet, bubbling until it filter’s up. I’m about to kill it, I can feel it building up.

If this room was burning, I wouldn’t even notice. Cause you’ve been taking up my mind with your little white lies, little white lies.

Because of you, I never stray too far from the sidewalk. Because of you, I learned to play on the safe side so I don’t get hurt. Because of you, I find it hard to trust not only me, but everyone around me. Because of you, I am afraid.

After a drink or two I was putty in your hands. I don’t know if I have the strength to stand. Oh oh oh, trouble troublemaker yeah. That’s your middle name, oh oh oh. I know you’re no good but you’re stuck in my brain.

Score for vocabulary:


Total score:

prize and confetti

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