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Read the information and answer the questions

In this lesson, we are going to analyse the mistakes you made in the exam and set new language learning goals. Answer the following questions:

🔹Can you recall any mistakes that you made in the exam?

🔹Why do you think you made these mistakes?

🔹What can you do to avoid making them in the future?

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Read the task and complete the exercise with the expressions from the list

This is the first exercise you did in the exam. In each line, there were two synonymous expressions and one expression that was different. Now you need to reconstruct the exercise. For each line, find the synonym for the second expression and explain why the third expression is different.

🔹it’s unheard of, it is out of the ordinary — it’s unusual or unexpected
it happens all the time — it happens very often

🔹full of beans, energetic — full of energy
delighted — very happy

🔹to walk down the aisle, to get married — to have a wedding
to get together — to meet in order to spend time together

🔹tedious, boring — not interesting in any way
bearable — something that is difficult, but you can deal with it

🔹a burglar and a pickpocket — kinds of thieves
a childminder — a person who is paid to look after young children while their parents are at work

🔹solace — a feeling of emotional comfort and calmness at a time of great sadness
comfort — a feeling of being physically relaxed and satisfied
hope — a feeling of wanting something to happen or be true and believing that it is possible or likely

🔹to be trapped, to be stuck — to be in a situation or place from which you can’t escape
to be lost — to be unable to find a way somewhere

🔹to talk somebody into something, to persuade somebody to do something — to make someone decide to do something, especially by giving them reasons why they should do it
to talk somebody out of something — to persuade somebody not to do something

Complete the sentences with the words and phrases from the previous exercise.


You got stuck on an island

Imagine you and your friends were flying on an excursion on a small plane and you had to make an emergency landing on some island. You are all fine, but you have almost no food and water, the pilot needs several days to fix the plane, and there is no phone service. If you were in such a situation, what would you feel/do? Explain why.

Your friend was offered a new, better position

Your friend has received a job offer from another company. Your friend likes the team in the company they are working for now, and the work helps fulfil their ambitions. However, the new company offers higher wages, a better social package and the opportunity to become a manager. Your friend will be able to work flexitime and start a project from scratch. They have all the necessary skills but doubt they can handle the new position. Convince your friend to accept the offer and give reasons.


Click on the card you chose during the exam and do the task


Read the pieces of advice and complete them with the missing words

In the exercise above, find the structures used to give advice and write them down

✔️If you do/have/feel …, think of/about….

Describe the pictures and think of the word or phrase each of them represents

✔️In the first picture, I can see the place which we can’t enter. I think this picture represents the phrase to be on the safe side.

be on the safe side
be on the safe side


a white lie
a white lie


the last straw
the last straw


a troublemaker
a troublemaker


to get away with
to get away with


You're awesome!
You’re awesome!


to get away with something — to manage to do something bad without being punished or criticized for it

the last straw — the last problem in a series of problems that finally makes you give up, get angry, etc.

a white lie — a lie that you tell someone in order to protect them or avoid hurting their feelings

to be on the safe side — to do something in order to be certain to avoid an unpleasant situation

a troublemaker — someone who deliberately causes problems


Do the quiz to set your English learning goals


Fill in the form with the information

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