Aloha Lessons|Rescue Jack Sparrow!|Pre-Intermediate

Read the story before you start

pic1_Aloha|Jack Sparrow|Pre-Int

You are two adventurers who want to work together with Jack Sparrow, because you are his big fans. Unfortunately, you find out that he has been kidnapped and hidden — nobody knows where he is. You decide to rescue him and, by doing so, you hope that he will offer you to join him in his crazy sea adventures.

In order to rescue Jack, you must go through a number of challenges. You must be able to demonstrate how well you know English to communicate with the captain and his kidnappers, and become part of his crew eventually.

So, let’s get started!

Here is the route of your adventure

Do you fear death? Do you fear that dark abyss? All your deeds laid bare. All your sins punished. I can offer you… an escape-uh.

Background line

You first get to Davy Jones Locker. He is not really nice and doesn’t want to cooperate with you. But after some talking, he decides to give you a chance and help you with the next place to go to.

You must go to one of the places that Charles Darwin once visited during his round-the-world voyage.

Read the text about Charles Darwin and choose the correct prepositions

Each preposition is accompanied by a letter, for example, (S) for. Choosing the correct prepositions, you will get 9 letters to decode your next destination.

Mistake 1

Say the tongue twister as quickly as possible:

pic2_Aloha|Jack Sparrow|Pre-Int

Mistake 2

Name 5 scientists

Mistake 3

Say these words in English:









pic3_Aloha|Jack Sparrow|Pre-Int

pic4_Aloha|Jack Sparrow|Pre-Int

Background line

When you arrive at the Galapagos Islands, you are attacked by a bale of huge turtles and taken captives. They don’t know what to do with you at first, but their leader decides to help you only if you guess the next place to go to.

Look at the groups of words and discuss which word is odd in each group. Say why and then click on the word

Go to the mysterious island.

Mistake 1

Say this tongue twister as quickly as possible:

pic5_Aloha|Jack Sparrow|Pre-Int

Mistake 2

Name 6 adjectives that start with the letter A.

Mistake 3

Say something nice to your partner:

🔹about their appearance;
🔹about their personality;
🔹about their English;
🔹about something they do well.

Your route map

pic6_Aloha|Jack Sparrow|Pre-Int

pic7_Aloha|Jack Sparrow|Pre-Int

Background line

On the mysterious island, Isla de Muerta, you find an old ship. You search it for several days and find a hidden safe under the floor. Inside there’s a secret coded message. You need to decode the message to know what to do next in order so save Jack from death.

Read the message and complete it with missing words

Mistake 1

Name 5 islands.

Mistake 2

Say the tongue twister as quickly as possible:

pic8_Aloha|Jack Sparrow|Pre-Int

Mistake 3

Share one strange fact about yourself.

Your route map

pic9_Aloha|Jack Sparrow|Pre-Int

pic10_Aloha|Jack Sparrow|Pre-Int

Background line

During the sail, the storm starts raging the sea. You are trying to manage it, but it is so hard that you don’t have that much experience to handle the steer. Suddenly, you hear voices from all around telling you to listen to what Jack Sparrow used to say, and you will be saved!

Listen to what Jack Sparrow used to say and complete the sentences. There are five words you do not need to use

almost / report / support / pay / girl / done / gone / gun / also / save






Mistake 1

Say the phrase from Video 1. Copy the manner of speaking.

«Mr. Gibbs, any particular reason why my ship is gone?»

Mistake 2

Say the phrase from Video 2. Copy the manner of speaking.

«Did no one come to save me just because they missed me?»

Mistake 3

Say the phrase from Video 3. Copy the manner of speaking.

«You need to find yourself a girl, mate.»

Mistake 4

Say the phrase from Video 4. Copy the manner of speaking.

«Captain, I wish to report a mutiny. I can name fingers and point names.»

Mistake 5

Say the phrase from Video 5. Copy the manner of speaking.

«My lady…»
«You will always remember this as the day that you almost caught Captain Jack Sparrow!»

pic11_Aloha|Jack Sparrow|Pre-Int

pic12_Aloha|Jack Sparrow|Pre-Int

Background line

You anchor your ship near the island and head for the coast. There you find the palm tree you were looking for, the box under it, the key and the map.

But it turns out that it is not a map but just written instructions which are not possible to read as the words are jumbled. If you complete the instructions successfully, you will find out where to find Jack.

Order the words to make sentences and read the instructions

The place is the Frozen Ocean.

pic13_Aloha|Jack Sparrow|Pre-Int

pic14_Aloha|Jack Sparrow|Pre-Int

Background line

Sailing in the middle of the Frozen Ocean, you get lost. You have no idea where to go and how to find Jack — everywhere there is ice and fog. Suddenly, your ship gets sucked into the water, and you appear to be on the bottom. Here you see a huge Kraken holding Jack. You do not have much time to set him free — you are mere mortals who cannot spend so much time under the water.

To beat Kraken, you must use your knowledge power and do the next challenge!

pic15_Aloha|Jack Sparrow|Pre-Int

Explain the words. You must guess the word

You will get the words from your teacher. Once you finish, tick the word number below and swap the roles.

pic16_Aloha|Jack Sparrow|Pre-Int

pic17_Aloha|Jack Sparrow|Pre-Int

Tick the things you have done today


Read the puzzle and complete the sentences

  1. Mark doesn’t travel by boat.
  2. Nick doesn’t travel by plane.
  3. Laura doesn’t travel by car or by train.
  4. Marlene doesn’t go by car or by bus.
  5. Nick and Marlene don’t travel by train.
  6. Roberto and Mark don’t travel by bus.
  7. Roberto doesn’t travel by boat or by car.
  8. Laura and Roberto do not travel by plane.
  9. Mark doesn’t travel by plane.
  10. Laura doesn’t travel by boat.

pic18_Aloha|Jack Sparrow|Pre-Int

Answer the riddles with the right word

pic19_Aloha|Jack Sparrow|Pre-Int

Read the clues and complete the sentences

  1. Jacob hasn’t visited Europe.
  2. Debbie hasn’t been to Africa.
  3. Fred hasn’t visited Lisbon or Paris.
  4. Peter and Anna have visited Africa, but they haven’t been to Europe.
  5. Peter hasn’t travelled to Mogadishu.
  6. Jacob and Anna haven’t visited Johannesburg.
  7. Zack hasn’t been to Paris or Madrid.
  8. Anna hasn’t been to Mogadishu.

Урок Homework Курс
  • What is the story?
  • Let the mission begin
  • Get the tip
  • Silent instructions
  • Listen to Jack
  • What on earth is that?
  • Speaking riddles
  • Final word
  • The transport puzzle
  • Riddles
  • The travel puzzle
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