Look at the pictures and name the countries where the souvenirs come from. You may flip the cards to check yourself














After this lesson, you will be able to:

🔹exchange money in a currency exchange office;
🔹make a conversation with a shop assistant while buying things in a shop;
🔹complete a tax-free form.


to bargain — to talk to a seller and try to get a lower price

Find the correct headings for each paragraph

1. Carry cash 3. Always make a list of things you want to buy 5. Make sure it is legal! 7. Learn to bargain
2. Make sure you have space in your suitcase 4. Know your size 6. Pay in the local currency

💡Write the number of the heading in the right paragraph

🔗Link: Shoe size chart


Match the names of the shops with the correct pictures. Then comment on what you can buy there



Listen to the conversations and match the dialogues with the currencies mentioned in them

Clerk | Customer

Clerk: Good morning.
Customer: Good morning, I’d like to change some Swiss francs into US dollars, please.
Clerk: Certainly, how much would you like to change?
Customer: 500 francs. Here you are.
Clerk: Thank you. Today’s rate is $75.28 for 100 francs … so that’s $376.40. Less $5 commission, so that’s $371.40. So that’s 50, 100, 150, 200, 250, 300, 350 dollars in fifties. And another 20 makes 370 dollars, and one makes 371 and forty cents. There you are.
Customer: Thank you. Goodbye.
Clerk: You’re welcome, goodbye.

Thiago | Assistant

Thiago: Hello. Do you have Scottish pounds?
Assistant: Er, no, we don’t, but English pounds are OK in Scotland.
Thiago: Oh, OK. Can I change these euros, please?
Assistant: Of course. That’s fifty, a hundred, and fifty, sixty, seventy, eighty. That’s a hundred and eighty euros, yes?
Thiago: Yes, that’s right.
Assistant: Right, that’s … a hundred and fifty pounds. Here you are.
Thiago: Sorry, do you have any smaller notes?
Assistant: No problem. Are twenties OK?
Thiago: That’s great, thanks.

Customer | Clerk

Customer: Good morning.
Clerk: Good morning. Can I change this Japanese money into dollars, please?
Customer: Certainly, that’s 20,000 yen, is that right?
Clerk: Yes, what’s the exchange rate?
Customer: It’s $7.14 for 1,000 yen. So that makes $142.80 altogether. Our commission is $10, so that’s $132.80 … 50, 100, 110, 120, 130, 131, 132 and 80 cents, there you are.
Clerk: OK, thank you. Goodbye.
Customer: Not at all, goodbye.

Match the questions and the answers



Listen to the dialogue and tick the phrases you hear

Shop assistant Ellie Phil

Shop assistant: Can I help you?
Ellie: Yes, have you got this T-shirt displayed in the shop window in other colours?
Shop assistant: Let me see … We’ve got it in white, black, red and purple. What size do you need?
Ellie: A medium.
Shop assistant: OK, in medium we’ve got it in black and red.
Ellie: And in pink?
Shop assistant: No, just in black and red.
Ellie: Ok. Give me a red one, please. Where can I try it on?
Shop assistant: The changing rooms are over there.
Ellie: Yes, I’ll take it.
Shop assistant: That’s 15 euros 95. Would you like to pay by credit card or in cash?
Phil: Do you take Visa?
Shop assistant: Yes, sir.
Phil: And what about tax free?
Shop assistant: Sure, I’ll give you a receipt and a tax-free form.

Complete the tips with the missing words. Be careful as there are some extra options you don’t need to use

Tips and guidelines for shopping tax-free in Spain


Follow the 🔗link to find out more about the procedure of claiming your tax refund and filling in the tax-free form.


Let’s role-play these situations

In an exchange office


🔹Can I change … into euros, please?
🔹What’s the exchange rate?
🔹Do you have any smaller notes?
🔹Is there a commission?

In a shop

You would like to buy souvenirs for your family.

🔹First, choose 3-4 things in the pictures below.
🔹Then, decide how many of each item you would like to buy and start a conversation with the shop assistant.


🔹You’d like to pay by card.
🔹You have cash but only a 100-euro note.
🔹You want to use tax free.

You can start by saying:

«Hello, I’d like to buy …»


🔹Where can I try it on?
🔹Do you have anything smaller?
🔹I’ll take it.
🔹How much is that?
🔹Do you take Visa?
🔹And what about tax free?


Match the names of the shops and places with their definitions

Complete the sentences with the names of the shops

Complete the conversation



Read about Spanish souvenirs and mark the sentences as True or False

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  • Our lesson route
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  • In a clothes shop
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  • Places to shop
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  • Spanish souvenirs
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