Describe what you see


What ways to say hello do you know?

🔹What’s up?



🔹Look who it is!

🔹Good day!

Learn the words

Study the information



Do the tasks


Time to talk


1. What is your job?

2. Is your friend fine?

3. How do you spell your name?

4. How do you spell your surname?

5. How old is your friend?

6. What is your friend’s phone number?

7. What is your e-mail address?

8. How do you spell your e-mail address?

9. Is your friend a teacher?

10. Is your job interesting?

Put the words to the right gaps


Let’s imagine


Imagine that it’s your first day at the new place of work

  • How are you?
  • I’m a new …
  • My name is …
  • My surname …
  • It is …
  • I am … years old
  • My phone number is …
  • My email address is …
  • Good luck!


A: Hi, how are you?

B: I’m fine, and you?


A: I’m fine, thanks. I’m a new sales manager here.

B: Cool! What is your name?


A: My name is Leo. And yours?

B: I’m Jack. And what’s your surname?

Let’s have fun


🔹Flags of which countries do you see in the picture?

🔹What do these countries have in common?

🔹How are they different? (Name 5 differences)

🔹Which accent do you like more, American or British?

🔹Which country do you want to visit more?

Look at the international English words. Which ones do you know?

Hospital, hotel, police, airport, station, pizza, coffee, football, taxi, alcohol, chocolate, passport, park, cocktail.

Complete the flashcards

Study the information

Alphabet – Алфавит

🔹Alphabet: 26 букв

🔹Alphabet: 6 гласных (a, e, i, o, u, y) и 20 согласных

🔹Spell – назвать по буквам

Numbers — цифры

🔹One – 1, two – 2, three – 3, four – 4, five – 5, six – 6, seven – 7, eight – 8, nine – 9, ten – 10

🔹Eleven – 11, twelve – 12

🔹Three (spelling changes! – thirteen), four, five, six, seven, eight, nine + teen = 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19

🔹Two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine + ty = 20, 30, 40 и т.д. (Nota bene: spelling changes!)

🔹One hundred – 100

Hi! — Привет!

🔹Hello! – Здравствуйте! / Hi! – Привет!

🔹Hi! / Hello! = Hi there! / Hello there!

🔹Good morning / afternoon / evening! – Доброе утро / день / вечер!

Bye-bye! – Пока-пока!

🔹How are you?I’m fine / I’m ok, thanks.

🔹Bye! – Пока! или Bye-bye! — Пока-пока! Ну или же Goodbye! — До свидания!

🔹See you later! – До скорого! See you! – До встречи!

🔹Have a nice day! — Хорошего дня! Good luck! – Удачи!

Choose the correct alternative


Write down 5 adjectives that describe your best friend. Start with “My best friend is …”


Read and add new words


Sara SaysNo’ by Norman Whitney

Part 1

Welcome to Middle town! It is Monday morning. Everybody is at the market. The market is busy. Today, there is a new man at the market. His name is Mister Fruit. His daughter is helping him. Her name is Sara.

‘Good morning,’ Mister Fruit says to everybody. ‘My fruit is fresh. My fruit is cheap.’

Mister Fruit is polite. He is friendly. Everybody likes Mister Fruit. ‘What a nice man!’ they say. Everybody likes his daughter. ‘What a nice girl,’ they say.

A schoolboy asks for one kilo of apples. Mister Fruit puts some apples on the scales. The scales show one kilo and one hundred grammes. Mister Fruit takes one apple away. Now the scales show nine hundred grammes. But Mister Fruit says, ‘One kilo of apples! One dollar! He takes one dollar from the schoolboy. Sara is watching her father. She sees everything.

A young woman asks for two kilos of oranges. Mister Fruit puts some oranges on the scales. The scales show two kilos and two hundred grammes. Mister Fruit takes one orange away. Now the scales show one kilo and eight hundred grammes. But Mister Fruit says, ‘Two kilos of oranges. Two dollars!’ He takes two dollars from the young woman. Sara sees everything.

Watch the video and add new words

Study the following phrases


1. Good morning!

Доброе утро!

2. My name is Ann.

Меня зовут Анна.

3. He is twenty years old.

Ему двадцать лет.

4. It is my hobby.

Это мое хобби.

5. I am from Canada too.

Я тоже из Канады.

6. How are you?

Как дела?

7. My mother is from America.

Моя мама из Америки.

8. Good evening!

Добрый вечер!

9. Nice to meet you!

Приятно познакомиться!

10. Have a nice day!

Хорошего дня!

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