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Do you agree? Why (not)?

🔹I really want to lose weight, but I don’t want to go to the gym.

🔹I really want to lose weight, but I don’t want to change my eating habits.

🔹I really want to lose weight, but I can’t afford healthy eating.

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Time to talk


1. Do you know anyone who has an extraordinary hobby? If so, which one?

2. Do you think it is important to have common hobbies with your friends?

3. Are you an adrenaline junkie? Have you ever tried something like bungee jumping or skydiving?

4. What is your attitude towards hunting? How do you feel about killing animals just for fun?

5. Do you think nowadays people have fewer hobbies because they spend their free time online?

6. Do you have a long-lasting hobby or do you prefer to often change activities?

7. Have you ever earned money thanks to your hobby?

8. What is studying English for you: a hard work or a hobby?

9. Is it important to keep balance between work and personal life?

10. Do you think that having a lot of free time might be boring? Or a person can always find something interesting to do?

Watch the video and put the words to the right gaps

Write the translation in English

Listening and writing

The Gerund. Общая информация

🔹The Gerund (Герундий): playing, writing, walking (и это не Continuous)

🔹Continuous (Past/Present): I was playing, I am playing

🔹I like делать / I hate делать, где делать = doing (the Gerund)

📌 My parents detest having rest at the same place every year. – Мои родители ненавидят отдыхать в одном и том же месте каждый год.

📌 They enjoyed working on the boat. – Им понравилось работать на корабле.

📌 He hates watching TV. – Он ненавидит смотреть телевизор.

The Gerund и The Infinitive

🔹Sentence: кто (noun,pronoun) + что делает (verb), verb = Present Simple (They risk …)

🔹Verb – Что делает? Present Simple (They risk …)

🔹Sentence: Кто + Что делает + Что (noun, another verb): They risk + their health (noun)

🔹They risk getting lost. Getting (another verb) – the Gerund

🔹They want to get lost. To get (another verb) – the Infinitive

📌 The rule forbids drinking alcohol drinks here. – Правило запрещает здесь распивать спиртные напитки.

📌 They often risk losing everything they have. – Они часто рискуют потерять все, что имеют.

📌 They’ve decided to risk everything and they’ve won. – Они решили рискнуть всем и выиграли.

Stop to do / Stop doing

🔹Sentence: кто + что делает (verb) + что (another verb)

🔹Verb (Tense form) + another verb (Gerund/Infinitive): stop to do / stop doing

🔹He stopped to have meal – временно прерваться – the Infinitive

🔹He stopped gambling – прекратить – the Gerund

📌 He stopped smoking 10 years ago. – Он бросил курить 10 лет назад.

📌 She stopped to smoke on her way home. – Она остановилась покурить по пути домой.

Try to do / try doing

🔹 Verb + another verb: try to do / try doing

🔹 Try to do (the Infinitive) – приложить усилие, чтобы сделать: He tries to save lives

🔹 Try doing (the Gerund) – попробовать, ради эксперимента: You can try doing yoga

🔹 Verb + another verb: remember to do / remember doing

🔹 Remember to do – помнить сделать на будущее: Remember to buy salt

🔹 Remember doing – помнить, что делал в прошлом: Remember buying salt yesterday

📌 If you are exhausted try listening to the classical music. – Если ты очень сильно устал, попробуй послушать классическую музыку.

📌 I will try to pass my exam tomorrow. – Я попытаюсь сдать мой экзамен завтра.

📌 He remembers going abroad with his parents last year. – Он помнит, как ездил за границу со своими родителями в прошлом году.

📌 Please, remember to switch off the light when you leave. – Пожалуйста, не забудь выключить свет, когда ты уходишь.

Do the tasks

Make up an exciting story using the following words: billboards, mysterious, hints, follow, friends, birthday present


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