Welcome| Junior lessons | 4. Young inventors (Pre-Intermediate)

An invention or a fake?

1.1 Watch the commercial and guess if the device is real or fake.


I want to take part in it!

1.1 Read the message from Ann and the advertisement and answer the questions.


My name is Ann Makosinski, and I’m from Canada.

I like science.

I have been creating new gadgets since the age of 6.

I have even won the awards for some of them!

As you have probably guessed, I want to become a scientist in the future.

Recently, I have found out some information about a scientific event I would like to take part in …

  • What are Ann’s main interests?
  • Has she already achieved anything?
  • What is her ambition?
  • Who is the TeenTech Festival for?
  • Are there any similar festivals in your country?
  • Would you like to take part in the festival? Why/why not?


Are you an innovator? Do you have an idea which could make life easier, simpler or better? 🔗The TeenTech Festival is for the studentsfrom 14 to 20 from different countries.

There will be a prize to the winner and the opportunity to take any course at the TeenTech City — one of the top European schools of innovation and technologies.

About Teentech

1.1 Watch the video about TeenTech and match the parts of the sentences to each other.


2.1 Choose a course to recommend Ann. Think which course you would choose for yourself.


If I become the winner at the science festival, I will be able to study one of the courses at the TeenTech City. Which do you think I should choose?



I think she/I should try … because …It’s a good idea to …The course of … won’t be useful for Ann/me because …

3.1 Forum

  • Why are these fields important for future specialists?
  • Which subjects do you think should be necessary to study for all schoolchildren?

The ideas from Japan


1.1 Read Ann’s message and do the task she offers.

For inspiration, I turned to the inventions from Japan and asked my friends who like science to send me the presentations of the latest inventions.

Let’s play. Have a look at the presentation and:

  • guess what the invention is used for;
  • tick the criteria you think it fits.


2.1 Watch the video, make your guess about the invention and tick the criteria.

Invention 1

Invention 2

Invention 3


3.1 Forum

  • Which of the inventions did you like the most? Why?

Which is described?

1.1 Read the description and choose the invention which is described.


2.1 Forum

  • How many of your guesses were correct?
  • Which device do you think is the most/the least useful?

3.1 Choose the best present for a person and tell the person about the present.

Your idea!

1.1 Read the rules and get ready to invent something.

1. Choose the field.


I would like to invent something in the field Share.

2. Choose the age category.


The device can be used by …

3. Choose the main aim.


The main aim of the invention is …

2.1 Imagine the design of your invention and explain how it works.

  • The device is called _____.
  • It is made of _____.
  • It can be used for _____.
  • It is created for _____.
  • It works with the help of _____.


Check that your invention fits all the criteria.

Ann’s invention


I really liked your invention! Check out what I am going to present at the TeenTech Festival.

I hope you’ll like my device, too!


1.1 Watch the video and choose the correct options.


1.2 Tick the criteria Ann’s invention fits.

Quiz: An ideal robot for you


1.1 Read the instructions.

1. Click on the link in the task 1.2 and do the quiz.

Перейди по ссылке во втором задании и выполни тест.

2. Click on the result and copy the text (ctrl+C).

Выдели и скопируй текст результата (ctrl+C).


3. Click on a «plus» button above the text.

Нажми на «плюс» над результатом.


4. Choose the option «Share Vk».

Выбери опцию «Поделиться Vk».


5. Paste (ctrl+V) the text of your result in the comment section.

Вставь текст своего результата в комментарий.


1.2 Quiz: An ideal robot for me.

What I can do

pic9_Demo_Beg & Elem_Music

1.1 Match the parts to make the interview questions.

1.2 Tick the things you can do.

  • An invention or a fake?
  • I want to take part in it!
  • About Teentech
  • The ideas from Japan
  • Which is described?
  • Your idea!
  • Ann’s invention
  • Quiz: An ideal robot for you
  • What I can do
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