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Give me three pieces of advice on how to use emoji right.

Learn the words

Study the information


🔹I have been online for two days straight, but NVM, I’m not tired. – Я онлайн вот уже целых два дня, но не обращай внимания, я не устал.

🔹He has just listened to your song. – Он только что прослушал твою песню.

🔹They have never texted me first. – Они никогда не писали мне первыми.

🔹We have received a lot of likes under the last post this morning. – Мы получили много лайков под прошлым постом сегодня утром.

🔹She didn’t respond yesterday. – Вчера она не отвечала.

🔹Have you seen their new interface? – Ты видел их новый интерфейс?

🔹Did you see a screenshot of the error last week? – Ты видел снимок экрана этой ошибки на прошлой неделе?

Do the tasks

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Time to talk

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1. How would life change without social networks?

2. What is the difference between smileys and emojis?

3. How often do you use stickers?

4. What is better: Facebook or Instagram?

5. Are you ready to buy sticker sets?

6. What new features do you want to add to social networking sites?

7. What are the pros and cons of social networks?

8. How much time do you spend on social media?

9. Is using social networks a waste of time?

10. What are the main disadvantages of Skype?

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Emojis You’re Using Wrong

Let’s imagine


Complaining to your best friend about people who use emojis wrong:


A: I can’t stand texting with my Carol.

B: How come?


A: She uses so many emojis with no reason at all.

B: One of my friends does the same thing, lol.


A: Sometimes I simply can’t get the meaning of the message behind all these smiling faces.

B: Moreover, they’re all totally different. I can’t even get what emotions she tries to express.

• I can’t stand …
• She uses so …
• Sometimes, I simply …
• Is there anything …?
• Yesterday, she sent me …
• There was a chain of …
• Yeah, it looked very …
• Do you have any guesses …?
• Nah, the meaning of that …
• LOL! I was like …

Match the words with their correct translation

Vocabulary chase

Study the information

Действие Perfect и Simple

🔹I have done – сделал(а) — Present Perfect Tense — настоящее совершенное.

🔹Present Perfect — результат в настоящем.

✔️ I have forgotten my password. I can’t get into my account. – Я забыла свой пароль. Я не могу попасть в свой аккаунт.

✔️ They have come too early and now they have to wait. – Они пришли слишком рано и им сейчас приходится ждать.

I have done: use

🔹I have done — действие свершилось, результат в настоящем.

🔹I have doneсделал(а) без уточнения когда именно.

🔹I have doneсделал(а) и это важно здесь и сейчас.

✔️ I have sent you a new photo. Look at it! – Я отправила новое фото. Посмотри!

✔️ Here is my B-day photo! I have just taken it. – Вот мое фото с дня рождения! Я только что его сделала.

✔️ He has not seen the notification yet. – Он еще не просмотрел это уведомление.

I have done и I did

🔹I have done — сделал(а) и не важно, когда именно.

🔹I did yesterday — сделал(а) вчера — важно, когда именно.

🔹I did — слова-маркеры: yesterday, last Monday / month / year / century … ago.

✔️ I have registered on this site. I’m so happy! – Я зарегистрировалась на этом сайте. Я так счастлив!

✔️ I texted him last Saturday. – Я написал ему в прошлую субботу.

✔️ Did you notice me online yesterday? – Ты заметила меня онлайн вчера?

I have done: слова-маркеры

🔹I have done / I did yesterday — Я сделал(а) / Я сделал(а) вчера.

🔹I have done: just, already/yet, recently / lately.

🔹I did: yesterday, last Monday / month / year / century … ago.

✔️ She has already texted you! She’s online! Talk to her! – Она уже написала тебе! Она онлайн! Поговори с ней!

✔️ She deleted her post late yesterday. – Она удалила свой пост вчера поздно вечером.

✔️ I sent her a smiley two minutes ago. – Я отправил ей смайлик две минуты назад.

Choose the correct alternative

pic10_Grammar act|El|L11

Here’s the list of words: account, register, notification, smiley, waste time. Write down a short story using all of them

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