Describe what you see


Talking about surfing on a couch

🔹What does the word «Couchsurfing» mean?

🔹What words is it made of?

🔹Do you want to try it someday?

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Time to talk


1. How often do you go by plane somewhere?

2. Do you like planes?

3. What was your longest flight?

4. What do you always take with you on a trip?

5. Have you ever been late for check-in?

6. What is a boarding pass?

7. What is the best way of traveling: by planes, trains, bikes, cars, ships or other? Why?

8. Why is the job of a flight attendant cool?

9. What do you think you wouldn’t be able to survive without on a trip?

10. What would be the route of your perfect 2-week trip?

Watch the video and fill in the gaps

Let’s have fun!


Decide which of the flying myths are true and which are false. Explain your choice

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Do и be going to do: делать или собираться сделать

🔹Be going to do – собираться что-то сделать, do = swing, climb, play и пр.

🔹Be going to: планы и намерения что-то сделать tomorrow, next month, next year …

📌 I am going to splash out a lot of money on myself next month. – В следующем месяце я собираюсь растранжирить на себя много денег.

📌 Where are you going to camp tomorrow? – Где ты собираешься разбить лагерь завтра?

Be going to do: формы

🔹Be going to – собираться сделать.

🔹Be going to do / film / win – собираться сделать / снять / победить.

🔹Am, is, are + going to + do, где do = любое действие.

📌 My friend is going to make a reservation next month. – Моя подруга собирается сделать бронирование в следующем месяце.

📌 We are going to become globetrotters tomorrow. – Мы собираемся стать заядлыми путешественниками завтра.

Be going to do: вопросы и отрицания

🔹Кто + am, is, are + not + going to do.

🔹Am, is, are + кто + going to do?

📌 She is not going to get a boarding pass. – Она не собирается брать посадочный талон.

📌 Are you going to call the cabin crew? – Ты собираешься позвать экипаж?

Be going to do: past

🔹Am, is, are + going to + do – планы на будущее.

🔹Was, were + going to + do – несбывшиеся планы.

📌 I am going to camp with my friend tomorrow evening. – Я собираюсь развести лагерь завтра вечером с подругой.

📌 I was going to book a ticket, but then my travel agent called and cancelled the trip. – Я собиралась забронировать билет, но позвонил мой турагент и отменил поездку.

Choose the correct alternative

Write the list of 10 things which you are going to do next summer and the list of 5 things which you aren’t going to do. Start with “I’m going to…” and “I’m not going to…”.

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