Describe what you see


Use your imagination to the fullest and make up a funny story about a weird dream you could have one night.

Use the following sentences as the first and the last one:

One day I felt homesick and saddled up my giant snail to ride home.

And then we all had an awesome party on the other side of the Mooncake.

Learn the words

Study the information


🔹They are totally dirty now. They have been cleaning their garage today. – Cейчас они полностью в грязи. Они сегодня убирают в гараже.

🔹Polly has a running nose. She has been walking outside with no hat in cold weather. – У Полли насморк. Она гуляла в холодную погоду без шапки.

🔹I have lost my last hope today. – Я потерял свою последнюю надежду сегодня.


🔹The last hope had been already lost by August. – Последняя надежда к августу была уже потеряна.

🔹They were totally dirty yesterday evening because they had been repairing their motorbike. – Они вчера вечером были ужасно грязными, потому что ремонтировали мотоцикл.

🔹Parents came late yesterday. Children had already fallen asleep. – Родители вчера поздно пришли домой. Дети уже заснули.

Do the tasks


Time to talk


1. Do you believe that our dreams have a special meaning? Why?

2. Has something that you dreamt of ever come true?

3. Do you agree that our dreams can help to foretell our further life? Why?

4. Have you ever woken up to find out you are still in your dream?

5. Could dreams be an indispensable part of our well-being?

6. What would you advise to make a cherished dream come true?

7. Do you agree that a dream doesn’t become reality through magic and it takes hard work?

8. Do you think that all dreamers are people who look at this life through rose-tinted glasses?

9. Do you consider yourself a daydreamer or a hardheaded realist? Why?

10. Do you think animals dream?

Watch the video and put the words to the correct gaps

Let’s imagine

pic12_Grammar act|El|L21

Telling your partner about your childhood dreams.

🔹Being a 10-year old child …

🔹I got used to …

🔹However, I always …

🔹My secret wish was …

🔹To my mind, that’s …

🔹Yeah, this dream sounds …

🔹In exactly the same way I …

🔹It seemed so challenging …

🔹Furthermore, …

🔹I wouldn’t have been …

Let’s have fun


🔹What pictures represent you perfectly?

🔹What panels show your dearly beloved one?

🔹Why do human beings dream of a better life? What’s the purpose?

🔹Who of the people in the picture is definitely fond of luxury?

🔹Do you agree that children make our life brighter and bring vivid memories?

🔹Which picture shows an adventurous person? How can you say that?

🔹Do you think to make a career you have to work in a team or alone? Why?

🔹What would you choose: to make art and miracles or to be loved and happy?

🔹Which picture shows a modern way of living? What made you think that way?

Complete the flashcards

Study the information

Have done / have been done or have been doing

🔹Have lost — active, have / has been lost — passive.

🔹Have — показатель перфектного времени.

🔹Have been doing = Present Perfect Continuous — active.

🔹Present Perfect Continuous passive — не существует.

✔️ I have just lost the last hope to visit the seaside this year. – Я потеряла последнюю надежду поехать на море в этом году.

✔️ My last hope has just been lost. – Моя последняя надежда была потеряна.

✔️ Since August, I have been losing the last hope to visit the seaside. – Начиная с августа, я мучительно долго расстаюсь с последней надеждой поехать на море.

Had done / had been done or had been doing

🔹Had lost — active, had been lost — passive.

🔹Had — результат действия связан с моментом прошлого.

🔹Had been doing = Past Perfect Continuous — active.

🔹Past Perfect Continuous passive — не существует.

✔️ I had lost my last hope by August. – К августу я потеряла свою последнюю надежду.

✔️ The last hope had been already lost by August. – Последняя надежда к августу была уже потеряна.

✔️ We had been losing our hope to go to the seaside for 2 years by August. – В августе было уже 2 года, как мы расставались со своей надеждой поехать на море.

Been doing

🔹Have / Had been + doing: действие происходило и есть результат.

🔹Have been doing — к настоящему моменту, к прошлому моменту

✔️ They were totally dirty yesterday evening because they had been repairing their motorbike. – Они были полностью в грязи вчера вечером, потому что ремонтировали мотоцикл.

✔️ They are totally dirty now. They have been cleaning their garage today. – Cейчас они полностью грязные. Они сегодня убираются в гараже.

Perfect Simple instead of Perfect Continuous

🔹Perfect (Past/Present) — связывает до и после события прошлого / прошлого и настоящего.

🔹Present Perfect (Continuous) — сообщаем present result, и что к нему привело.

🔹Past Perfect (Continuous) — сообщаем past result, и что к нему привело.

🔹Perfect Simple / Perfect Continuous — все уже произошло / до сих пор происходит.

🔹State verbs (understand, belong и т.п.) — have understood, have belonged и т.д.

✔️ Polly has a running nose. She has been walking outside with no hat in cold weather. – У Полли насморк. Она гуляла в холодную погоду без шапки.

✔️ Parents came late yesterday. Children had already fallen asleep. – Родители вчера поздно пришли домой. Дети уже заснули.

✔️ I have been typing for more than 5 hours! My fingers hurt. – Я печатаю уже больше 5 часов! У меня болят пальцы.

✔️ I have typed more than 500 pages. – Я напечатал более 500 страниц.

✔️ This house has belonged to us for more than 10 years. – Этот дом нам принадлежит нам уже более 10 лет.

Do the tasks


Give antonyms to the following words: reality, fail, belittle, strength, inspire, futile, annoying, disappointed, fear, hope.

Advice, laptop, write

Study the following phrases


1. They have been doing the early shift for four years already and nothing is going to change.

Они работают в утреннюю смену вот уже 4 года, и ничего в скором времени не изменится.

2. Every year, the same day I get terribly homesick!

Каждый год, в один и тот же день, я ужасно скучаю по дому!

3. I have never believed in a prevalent idea that it’s necessary to drink 2 liters of water per day.

Я никогда не доверял общепринятому мнению, что нужно выпивать два литра воды в день.

4. He had risen out of the Italian ghetto and became then the most famous entertainer in America.

Он вырос в итальянском гетто и стал потом самым знаменитым артистом в Америке.

5. For half an hour already we have been waiting for your suggestion with anticipation.

Вот уже полчаса, как мы с нетерпением ждем вашего предложения.

6. They had been tracking that guy since 1943 and then finally arrested him a year later.

Они следили за тем парнем с 1943 года и потом в конце концов арестовали его год спустя.

7. Just the day before she was set to arrive, her assistant called to cancel the visit.

За день до того, как она должна была приехать, позвонила ее помощница и отменила визит.

8. My friend is one of those guys that revealed in his own power.

Мой друг — один из тех парней, кто упивается своей силой.

9. How did I oversleep even though I went to bed early?!

Как это я проспал, несмотря на то, что лёг спать рано?!

10. I was wondering if you would allow me to take you out for a nice farewell dinner.

Я подумал, а не пригласить ли тебя на красивый прощальный ужин.

Read and add new words


A Pocket Full of Rye by Agatha Christie

Part 5

‘It’s quite amazing,’ said Lance Fortescue. He stared at Detective Inspector Neele, who had met him and his wife at the airport and had taken them into a small office. Neele said, ‘You’ve no idea then at all, who might have poisoned your father?’

‘No. I expect the old man made a lot of enemies in business. But poisoning? Anyway, I’ve been abroad for years and know very little of what was going on at home.’

‘Would you like to tell me why you came home at this time?’

‘Certainly, Inspector. I heard from my father six months ago, soon after my marriage. He suggested that I came home and enter the firm. I came over to England three months ago and went down to see him at Yewtree Lodge. He made me a very good offer and I flew back to East Africa to discuss it with my wife, Pat. And I decided to accept the offer. I had to finish up my business there, and I told him I would send him a telegram with the date of my arrival in England.’

Inspector Neele coughed. ‘This seems to have caused your brother some surprise.’

Lance’s attractive face lit up with laughter. ‘I believe Percival knew nothing about it,’ he said. ‘He was on holiday in Norway when I came over and I suspect that my father made his offer to me because he had had a huge fight with poor Percival. It would be just the old man’s idea of a good joke to bring me home. However, as usual, Percy wins. I’ve arrived too late.’

‘Yes,’ said Inspector Neele thoughtfully. ‘On your visit last August, did you meet any other members of the family?’

‘My stepmother was there at tea.’ He grinned. ‘The old boy certainly knew how to choose a woman.’

‘Were you upset about your father’s remarriage?’

‘I certainly wasn’t. What I’m really surprised at, is that the old man didn’t marry again before. Is that how it is, Inspector? Do you suspect my stepmother of poisoning my father?’

Inspector Neele’s face became blank. ‘It’s early days to have any definite ideas about anything, Mr Fortescue,’ he said pleasantly. ‘Now, may I ask you what your plans are?’

‘Where is the family? All down at Yewtree Lodge?’


‘I should go down there straight away.’ He turned to his wife. ‘And you should go and stay at the Barnes’s Hotel, Pat. I’m not sure of my welcome — and I don’t want to take you to a house where there’s a poisoner around.’


Vivian Dubois tore up Adele Fortescue’s letter angrily. Adele had telephoned him three times, and now she had written. On the whole, writing was far worse. He went to the telephone. ‘Can I speak to Mrs Adele Fortescue, please?’ A minute or two later he heard her voice.


‘Vivian, at last! Oh, darling, the police have finally gone!’

‘Yes, yes, but look here, Adele, we’ve got to be careful. Don’t telephone me and don’t write. Just for now, you understand? We must be careful. And Adele, my letters to you. You did burn them, didn’t you?’ There was a moment’s hesitation before Adele Fortescue said, ‘Of course.’

‘That’s all right then. You’ll hear from me soon.’ He didn’t like that hesitation. His letters were innocent enough, he thought, but he could not be sure. Even if Adele had not already burnt his letters, would she have the sense to burn them now? Where did she keep them? Probably in that sitting room of hers upstairs in that fake antique desk. She had said there was a secret drawer in it. Secret drawer! That wouldn’t fool the police for long. But there were no police at the house now. They were probably busy looking for how Rex Fortescue was poisoned. They would not have done a room-by-room search of the house. It was possible that if he acted at once…


Mary Dove paused at the window on the stairs, and in the late afternoon light outside noticed a man disappearing behind some bushes. Was it Lance Fortescue, walking round the garden before coming in to face a possibly unfriendly family? In the hall she saw Gladys, who jumped in surprise when she saw her.

‘Was that the telephone I heard just now?’ Mary asked.

‘Oh, that was a wrong number.’ Gladys sounded breathless. ‘And before that, it was Mr Dubois. He wanted to speak to the mistress.’

Mary said, ‘Haven’t you taken the tea in yet? It’s twenty minutes to five. Bring it in now, will you?’ Mary Dove went into the library and Gladys went to the kitchen, where Mrs Crump was making a pie. ‘The library bell’s been ringing and ringing. It’s time you took in the tea, my girl.’

‘All right, all right, Mrs Crump.’

Gladys went into the pantry. She wasn’t going to make sandwiches. They had cakes and biscuits and scones and honey. She had other things to think about. She made the tea in the silver pot, then carried the tea things on the big silver tray through to the library. She went back for the other tray with the food on it and had carried it as far as the hall, when the sudden ringing of the clock in the hall at five o’clock made her jump.

In the library, Adele Fortescue said sharply to Mary Dove, ‘Where is everybody?’

‘I really don’t know, Mrs Fortescue. Miss Elaine came in some time ago and I think Mrs Jennifer’s writing letters in her room. I’ll tell her that tea is ready.’

Going towards the door, she stood aside as Elaine Fortescue came into the room, then stopped for a moment in the hall. A large tray with cakes and scones on it was on one of the hall tables and she thought she heard Jennifer Fortescue walking upstairs. Nobody, however, came down the stairs and Mary went up and along the corridor. She knocked on a door and Mrs Jennifer’s voice said, ‘Come in.’ Mary opened the door. ‘Tea is just about to be served, Mrs Jennifer.’ She was rather surprised to see Jennifer

Fortescue taking off a warm coat. ‘I didn’t know you’d been out,’ said Mary.

Jennifer sounded slightly out of breath. ‘Oh, I was just in the garden, getting a little fresh air. But really, it was too cold.’ Jennifer Fortescue followed Mary out of the room.

Downstairs in the hall, to Mary’s surprise, the tray of food was still on the table. She was about to go and call Gladys when Adele Fortescue appeared in the door of the library, saying, ‘Aren’t we ever going to have anything to eat for tea?’

Quickly, Mary picked up the tray and took it in. She was carrying the empty tray out again when the front door bell rang. Mary went to the door. If this was Lance Fortescue at last, she was rather curious to see him.

‘How unlike the rest of the Fortescues,’ Mary thought, as she looked up into the dark, handsome face. She said quietly, ‘Mr Lance Fortescue?’


Mary looked past him. ‘Your luggage?’

‘I’ve paid the taxi. This is all I’ve got.’ He picked up a medium-sized bag.

‘Oh, I thought you walked up. And your wife?’

‘My wife won’t be coming. At least, not just yet.’

‘I see. Come this way, Mr Fortescue. Everyone is having tea.’ She took him to the library door and left him there. She thought to herself that Lance Fortescue was a very attractive man. A second thought followed the first, probably a great many other women thought so, too.


‘Lance!’ Elaine threw her arms round his neck with delight. He took them away gently and looked around the room.

‘This is Jennifer?’

Jennifer Fortescue looked at him with curiosity. ‘I’m afraid Percival’s been delayed in town,’ she said. ‘He has to organize everything. You really have no idea what we’re all feeling.’

‘It must be terrible for you,’ said Lance seriously, then he turned to the woman on the sofa, who was sitting with a piece of scone and honey in her hand.

‘Of course,’ cried Jennifer, ‘you don’t know Adele, do you?’ Lance said quietly, ‘Oh yes, I do,’ as he took Adele Fortescue’s hand in his. As he looked down at her, her eyelids fluttered. She said in her lovely soft voice, ‘Sit down here on the sofa beside me, Lance. I’m so glad you’ve come, we badly need another man in the house.’ Lance said, ‘You must let me do everything I can to help.’

‘The police here. They think… they think…’ she broke off and cried out passionately. ‘Oh, it’s awful! He was poisoned, and I really do believe they think it was one of us.’

Lance gave her a sudden quick smile. ‘It’s no good worrying,’ he said, and changing the subject, exclaimed, ‘Oh what a wonderful chocolate cake. I must have some.’ Cutting himself a slice, he asked, ‘Is Aunt Effie alive still?’

‘Oh, yes, Lance. She won’t come down and have meals with us, but she’s quite well. Only she’s getting very strange,’ said Elaine.

‘She always was strange,’ said Lance. ‘I must go up and see her after tea. And who’s the young lady with the soft voice and sweet face who let me in? What goes on behind it, I wouldn’t like to say.’

‘That,’ said Jennifer, ‘is Mary Dove. She looks after everything for us.’

‘Does she, now?’

Adele said, ‘She’s really very useful.’

‘But what is so nice,’ said Jennifer, ‘is that she knows her place.’

‘Clever Mary Dove,’ said Lance, and took another piece of chocolate cake.

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