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Answer the following questions?

Have you heard this quote by Andrew Grant, «You never get a second chance to make a first impression»?

What do you think?

Does the first impression really matter?

Do you trust your first impression?

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Time to talk


1. Do you know any tips on how to produce a good impression on your prospective employer?

2. Have you ever met someone who you hated right away even though you didn’t know them?

3. Do you prefer forming first impressions based on what people wear?

4. Have you ever tried to pretend to be a good-natured person but completely messed it up?

5. Have you ever been love-struck at first sight? What did you feel then?

6. Do you agree that sometimes flattering remarks can solve some problems pertaining to relationships?

7. What was the first creepy-crawly movie that made you feel terrified? What was it about?

8. What do you think is better to be an outgoing or shy person? And why?

9. What are the advantages and disadvantages of being a hypocrite? And why?

10. When and where did you meet most of your good friends for the first time?

Watch the video and put the words to the right gaps

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Study the information

Verb forms

🔹Глагол: Past, Present, Future + Simple, Perfect, Continuous, Perfect Continuous.

🔹Past, Present, Future + Simple, Perfect, Continuous, Perfect Continuous = Tense.

🔹грамматическое время глагола.

📌 He has been limping for two weeks already. – Он хромает уже две недели.

📌 Look! He is limping so terribly. – Посмотрите! Он так ужасно хромает.

📌 He limped home and fell exhausted. – Он доковылял домой и упал без сил.

Do vs Doing

🔹Do/does — present, Did — past, Will do — future.

🔹Do/does, did, will do — Simple.

🔹Am/is/are doing, was/were doing, will be doing — Continuous.

📌 I helped my friends last year and I will always help them. – Я помог своим друзьям в прошлом году, и я всегда буду им помогать.

📌 I was working at the same moment yesterday and I am working now. – Вчера в это же самое время я работал, и сейчас я работаю.

📌 I will be working tomorrow at the same time. – Завтра в это же самое время я буду работать.

Do vs Have done

🔹Have done — факт + новость + результат.

🔹Have done / had done / will have done — Perfect form.

📌 I am wearing nice shoes today. – На мне сегодня красивые туфли.

📌 I have bought new shoes, so now I am wearing them. – Я купила новые туфли и я в них сейчас.

📌 I was upset yesterday. I hadn’t bought anything new the day before. – Вчера я была расстроена. Я не купила ничего нового накануне.

📌 I will have finished my work by noon. I will be really happy then! – Я закончу работу к полудню. Я буду действительно рад этому!

Do vs Have been doing

🔹Perfect Continuous — действие началось и продолжается.

🔹Have been doing — результат + длительность.

📌 I have been working for two hours already. – Я работаю вот уже два часа.

📌 I will have been working for 2 hours by noon. – Я буду работать уже на протяжении двух часов к полудню.

📌 I was tired yesterday. I had been doing shopping for the whole day. – Я устала вчера. Я целый день ходила по магазинам.

Do the tasks


Make up a full story using the following beginning:

He’s a museum curator with love for perfection. No one’s ever gotten close to him; how could they? They’re never as perfect as the portraits, the sculptures, the art that never changes. Then one day, a young, beautiful, messy, disorganized intern is hired on…


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