GE|Adults|Beginner|10. A long flight


1.1 Look at the pictures. Say what you like and what you don’t like.

I like….

I don’t like……

1.2 Answer the questions:


⦁ Do you travel by plane?
⦁ Do you like travelling?
⦁ Do you like long trips?

Listening and Reading

1.1 An Indian woman (Adya) and an American woman (Jessica) are on a flight from Mumbai to Washington. Listen to the conversation and and repeat questions.

Do you like books?

⦁ Adya: Jessica, do you like books?

Jessica: Oh, yes! I love books very much!

Adya: What’s your favourite writer?

Jessica: J. K. Rowling. I love her books.

⦁ Adya: Do you live in Washington?

Jessica: No, I don’t. I live in Orlando. I’m on business here.

Adya: Oh! Do you have a husband?

Jessica: Yes, I do. And I also have three children, one boy and two girls. Frank is at university and Amanda and Elisabeth are at school. Look. Here are their photos…. This is a photo of our travel to Miami. Do you know Miami?

Adya: No, I don’t.

⦁ Attendant: Do you want meat, fish, or pasta?

Jessica: Oh, pasta, please.

Adya: Fish for me, please.

Jessica: Do you like fish?

Adya: Yes, I do. Do you?

Jessica: I hate it!

⦁ Adya: Oh, I need to go to the toilet. Oops, sorry.

Jessica: Excuse me, what time do we arrive?

Attendant: In twenty minutes, madam.

Jessica: Finally! That’s perfect!

1.2 Read the dialogues and put the words from the box in appropriate places.


1.1 Read the conversation again and complete the chart with do or don’t.

Present Simple

1.2 Read the rule:

Для образования вопроса (?) в Present Simple для I, we, you, they необходимо использовать вспомогательный глагол do:



Для того чтобы правильно располагать слова в предложении в Present Simple необходимо запомнить следующее правило:

A = auxiliary (do), S = subject (you, they, etc.), I = infinitive.

1.3 Rearrange the words to make sentences or questions.

1.4 Complete with do or don’t.

Example: They don’t live in a flat. They live in a house.


1.1 Match the phrases.

1.2 Listen and repeat the phrases.


Read the newspaper, eat fast food, listen to the radio, speak English, watch TV, live in a house, have breakfast (lunch, dinner), work in a bank, want coffee, study Chinese, have a cat, like dogs, need a new bag, go to English classes, drink juice.

2.1 Fill the flashcards with the verbs from the box.

have / study / drink / need / listen to / speak / want / live / work

Example: … French —-> study French

3.1 Answer the questions:

1. Do you drink coffee?

2. Do you work in a bank?

3. Do you watch TV?

4. Do you live in a house?

5. Do you study Chinese?


1.1 At the end of her business trip, Jessica gets a taxi back to the airport. Why does she say “What a surprise!” at the end?

Taxi driver

Taxi driver: Hello. Where to, ma’am?
Jessica: Good morning. To the airport, please.
Taxi driver: Yes, ma’am. But the traffic is really bad today.
Jessica: Oh, no. I hope I won’t be late.
Taxi driver: Where are you from?
Jessica: I’m from Orlando. Are you from Washington?
Taxi driver: No, ma’am. I’m from Mexico.
Jessica: Is it beautiful?
Taxi driver: Oh, yes! I love it! Do you like Washington?
Jessica: Not really. It’s a very expensive city. Do you have children?
Taxi driver: Yes, I do. I have two children.
Jessica: Oh, that’s fantastic! I have three children, their names are….
Taxi driver: OK. Here we are.
Jessica: Oh, really? How much is that?
Taxi driver: Ninety-seven dollars.
Jessica: Here are one hundred dollars. Keep the change.
Taxi driver: Thanks. Aren’t you late?
Jessica: Oh, my God! I’m late, I have to hurry up.

Attendant: Can I see your passport, please?
Jessica: Here you are.
Attendant: Thanks. Your boarding pass, please. Seat 5A. This way please.
Jessica: Oh, Amar! What a surprise!
Amar: Hi, nice to meet you again, Jessica.

1.2 Listen and choose the correct variant.


1.1 Listen and repeat the words and sounds.


welcome, wave, wise, work;
live, TV, vase, voice;
want, hot, dogs, coffee

1.2 Listen and repeat. Copy the rhythm.

Do you want a tea?


A: Do you want a tea?

B: Yes, a green tea, please.


A: Do you live in a house?

B: No, I don’t. I live in a flat.


A: Do you eat healthy food?

B: Yes, I do. I eat only healthy and fresh food.

Speaking and Writing

1.1 Fill the gaps with the words from the box.

1.2 Answer the questions from the previous exercise.

1.3 Write four sentences about you, two positive and two negative.

Example: I read a lot of books. / I don’t listen to pop music.

Homework / Домашнее задание

1.1 Write the questions. / Напиши вопросы.

1.2 Fill in the gaps with do or don’t. / Заполни пробелы глаголами do или don’t.

1.3 Complete the phrases with the verbs from the box. / Составь фразы глаголами из вкладки.

1.4 Read the interview and fill in the gaps with the phrases from the box. / Прочитай интервью и заполни пробелы фразами из вкладки.

1.5 Match the words with their definition. / Сопоставь слова с их значениями.

1.6 Listen and mark the word with a different sound. / Послушай аудио и отметь слова с непохожим звуком.


work, wait, how;
whose, what, why;
radio, want, hot

1.7 Listen and repeat. Copy the rhythm. / Послушай запись и повтори. Воспроизведи ритм.

Do you want a coffee?

1. Do you want a coffee?

2. I have a sister and she’s a doctor.

3. I live in a flat in a big city.

1.8 Listen to the conversations and choose the correct answer. / Послушай разговор и выбери правильный ответ.

Where do you work?

A: Where do you work?
B: I work in a café.
A: Do you go to work by bus?
B: No, I don’t. Traffic in the morning is very bad, so I go to work by metro.

A: How many langusges do you speak?
B: I speak two: English and Russian.
A: Do you go to classes?
B: Yes, I do. I study German. So after work I visit German classes.

A: Do you live in a flat or a house?
B: I live in a house with my family.
A: Is your house big?
B: No, it isn’t. It’s quite small.
A: Do you have any pets?
B: Yes, we do. We have five cats and one dog.

A: Do you have breakfast at home at the weekend?
B: No, I don’t. I usually go to a café with my friends.
A: What do you eat for breakfast?
B: I always order sandwiches with fish.
A: And what do you drink?
B: I drink coffee with milk and sugar.

A: Do you like meat?
B: No, I don’t. I’m vegan.
A: What do you eat?
B: I eat only fresh fruits and vegetables.

1.9 Click on the icon below and learn new words with Quizlet app. / Кликни по иконке ниже и учи новые слова в мобильном приложении Quizlet.


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