GE|Adults|Beginner|24. I’m going to Vatican


1.1 Answer the questions.


1. Where did you go last weekend?
2. How did you go? (by bus, car, by train, etc.)
3. Who did you go with?
4. What did you do there?



1.1 Put the time expressions from the chart in the correct order.

1.2 Listen, check and repeat the words and phrases.

Listen and check

1. now (pause)
2. tonight (pause)
3. tomorrow (pause)
4. tomorrow night (pause)
5. the day after tomorrow (pause)
6. next week (pause)
7. next month (pause)


1.1 Read the advertisement. Would you like to go to Rome for a city break?




  • Fly from London to Vatican;
  • Stay at the Hotel Mellini’s Deluxe.

Also included:

  • transfers by taxi from and to the airport;
  • one day tour of the sights of Vatican.

1.2 Listen to a conversation. Mark the sentences with T (true) or F (false).

Linda and Amanda

Linda: Are you doing anything next weekend?
Amanda: I’m going to the Vatican for two nights.
Linda: Wow! When are you leaving?
Amanda: On Friday night.
Linda: Who are you going with?
Amanda: I’m going with my mother. I like travelling with her. We go shopping, visit the galleries and museums.
Linda: Where are you staying?
Amanda: We’re staying at Mellini’s Deluxe hotel near St Peter’s Square. It looks nice and it’s not expensive.
Linda: Wow! It sounds really cool. Lucky you!

1.3 Read the dialogue and complete it with the verbs from the chart. Then listen and check. Are these verbs used for something that’s happening at the moment or in the future?


Listen and check

Linda: Are you doing anything next weekend?
Amanda: I’m going to the Vatican for two nights.
Linda: Wow! When are you leaving?
Amanda: On Friday night.
Linda: Who are you going with?
Amanda: I’m going with my mother. I like travelling with her. We go shopping, visit the galleries and museums.
Linda: Where are you staying?
Amanda: We’re staying at Mellini’s Deluxe hotel near St Peter’s Square. It looks nice and it’s not expensive.
Linda: Wow! It sounds really cool. Lucky you!

2.1 Read the rule. Listen and repeat the examples.

Present Continuous for Future

You can use present continuous to talk about the future plans.
We also use present continuous for things happening now.

Future time expressions

this week
tomorrow, etc.


What are you doing tonight?
I‘m going to the night club.
What are you doing next weekend?
I‘m going to Greece.
Where are you staying?
I‘m staying at a hotel.
Are you going to a restaurant tonight?
No, I‘m going to the cinema.



What are you doing tonight? (3sec pause)
I’m going to the night club. (3sec pause)
What are you doing next weekend? (3sec pause)
I’m going to Greece. (3sec pause)
Where are you staying? (3sec pause)
I’m staying at a hotel. (3sec pause)
Are you going to a restaurant tonight? (3sec pause)
No, I’m going to the cinema. (3sec pause)

3.1 Complete the sentences with the verbs in brackets in present continuous.

Example: George (go) to Belfast next week.
George‘s going to Belfast next week.

3.2 Make up the sentences in present continuous.

Example: Mike/buy/a new car/next week.
Mike is buying a new car next week.

3.3 What do you remember about Amanda’s city break? Make up some sentences in present continuous.


Example: Amanda’s going to Vatican for two nights.

3.4 Write questions in present continuous. Ask and answer these questions.


Example: You/wash/the car/on Saturday?
Are you washing the car on Saturday?


The letter combination ea

1.1 Remember the rule. Listen and repeat the sounds and words.

The letter combination ea

We usually pronounce ea as [i:]: leave, eat.
Sometimes we pronounce ea as [e]: breakfast.
Remember when we pronounce ea as [eɪ]: steak [steɪk], break [breɪk], great [greɪt].

Sounds and words

|e| bread, breakfast, weather
|i:| leave, tea, please, eat
|eɪ| great, steak, break

1.2 Listen and repeat the sentences.

The weather is cool

1. The weather is cool. I’m wearing a sweater.
2. We’re eating steak, bread and tea for breakfast.
3. She’s leaving next weekend.
4. A city break is a great idea for you.


1.1 Listen to three people talking about their plans for a city break. Whose weekend would you like to go on? Why?


Plans for a city break

Question: Are you going to Indonesia next week?
Diana: Yes, I’m going to Bali next week.
Question: Why Bali?
Diana: I like the beaches, sun and water. I’m going to have some rest.
Question: When are you leaving?
Diana: I’m leaving on Friday evening.
Question: Who are you going with?
Diana: I’m going there alone. I work with people, so I need to be alone sometimes.
Question: How are you travelling there?
Diana: I’m going by plane.
Question: Are you staying at a hotel?
Diana: Yeah! I prefer to stay at hotels.

Question: Are you going for a city break next month?
Rob: Yes, I’m going to Amsterdam.
Question: Who are you going with?
Rob: We’re going with my parents.
Question: When are you leaving?
Rob: We’re leaving on Thursday morning.
Question: Are you flying there?
Rob: No, we’re going by ship there.
Question: Where are you staying?
Rob: We’re staying at my uncle’s house.
Question: Oh, lucky you!
Rob: Yeah!

Question: Would you like to go anywhere next week?
Beatrice: Yes, I’m going to Canada.
Question: When are you leaving?
Beatrice: I’m leaving on Saturday morning.
Question: Who are you going with?
Beatrice: With my boyfriend.
Question: How are you going there?
Beatrice: My boyfriend’s driving a car.
Question: Where are you staying?
Beatrice: My parents live in Toronto. We’re staying at my parents’ house.

1. Where is Diana going next week?
2. When is she leaving?
3. Who is she going with?
4. How is she travelling?
5. Where is she staying?
6. Where is Rob going for a city break?
7. When is he leaving?
8. Who is he going with?
9. How are they travelling?
10. Where are they staying?
11. Where is Beatrice going next week?
12. When is she leaving?
13. Who is she going with?
14. How is she travelling?
15. Where is she staying?


1.1 Write the questions in present continuous.

Example: Where/you/go/for/your/dream/city break?
Where are you going for your dream city break?

1.2 Answer the questions above (start with — Where are you going for your dream city break?).


1.3 Speak about your relatives or friends city break plans.

Example: My sister is going to Spain for a city break for 3 nights. She’s leaving on Monday morning. She’s travelling with her boyfriend by plane. They’re staying at a hotel.

Homework / Домашнее задание

1.1 Complete and remember the time expressions. Use them in the correct order. / Составь и запомни временные выражения. Используй их в правильном порядке.

Example: n… — now

1.2 Complete the text with the time expressions. / Составь текст с временными выражениями.


Example: Christian is studying English today.


Today February 10
9 a.m. English lesson
4 p.m. Go to the gym
February 11
3 p.m. Visit granny
February 12
8 a.m. Driving test
February 19
9 p.m. Go to the cinema
March 8
8 p.m. Date with Silvia

2.1 Complete the sentences with the given verbs in present continuous. / Составь предложения с данными глаголами в Present Continuous.

Example: I‘m baking a cake for my parents tonight.

2.2 Complete the dialogue with the verbs from the chart in present continuous. / Составь диалог с глаголами из таблицы в Present Continuous.

do*2 have travel sleep help go*2 stay
meet drive come plan swim leave have

Example: A: What … you… this evening?
B: I … dinner with Mathew tonight.
A: What are you doing this evening?
B: I‘m having dinner with Mathew tonight.

3.1 Read the text about Vienna. Would you like to go to Vienna for a city break? Why?/Why not? What do the words in bold mean? Use a dictionary to check the meaning and pronunciation. / Прочитай текст про Вену. Ты бы хотел(а) отправиться в Вену на тур выходного дня? Почему/Почему нет? Что обозначают выделенные слова? Используй словарь для проверки значения и произношения.



There are lots of things to do and see in Vienna. You need 24 hours to love Vienna.
1. Around the ring. The first thing to do is to get a tram at 7.45 a.m. before the rush hour begins. You will pass the State Opera, Town Hall, Parliament and the Donaukanal and admire these sights.
2. Coffeehouse and market. Now it’s time to have breakfast. You can eat in a coffeehouse or choose the market and even try some of the little snacks, fruit, vegetables and different kinds of delicacies.
3. Schönbrunn Palace and the zoo. Take the underground and get a tour through the state rooms in the palace, then take a walk through the park and visit the zoo.
4. Lunch with a view. There are a lot of restaurants in the centre of Vienna. The chic is inexpensive and is a good choice for lunch. You also have a good view of the central streets and buildings.
5. Art museums. It’s time to have art experience after lunch. You can find museums for everyone in this city. The most popular ones are Leopold Museum, Museum Moderner Kunst (Modern Art Museum), Kunsthistorishes Museum (History Museum).
6. Shopping. Vienna is one of the best places for shopping in the world. Here you can find a lot of antique, fashion and arts-and-crafts shops.
7. St Stephen’s Cathedral. It’s a number one attraction in Vienna. You can go down the catacombs or go up to the Tower Keeper’s Room with a great view of Vienna.
8. Drama or Opera? State Opera is a good choice if you are interested in music. If you prefer theatre, get tickets to Burgtheater (Court Theatre) or Akademietheater.
9. Bars and Clubs. Do you like to finish your evening with excellent drinks? You should go to the Loos Bar. If you want to dance with top DJs, go to Passage.

3.2 Match the paragraphs with their names. / Совмести абзацы с их названиями.

4.1 Tick the words with the same sound. Then listen and check. / Отметь слова с одинаковым звуком. Затем послушай и проверь.

Listen and check

[e] (pause): bread (pause), breakfast (pause), weather (pause);
[i:] (pause): leave (pause), tea (pause), please (pause), eat (pause);
[eɪ] (pause): great (pause), steak (pause), break (pause).

4.2 Listen to the dialogues. What are these people doing next week? Complete the sentences. / Послушай диалог. Что эти люди будут делать на следующей неделе? Составь предложения.

I’m leaving home..

Gregory: “I’m leaving home and going to Atlanta with my family. We’re renting a house and I’m working there. We always move from state to state because of my work.”
Melany: “I’m going to the theatre next Friday. We are meeting friends at the bus station near my house and going to the theatre together. Then we’re going to the restaurant to have dinner.”
Christopher: “I’m going on a picnic next weekend. We’re going to a small forest with my family. I’m going fishing with my father and two brothers. Our mother is cooking for a picnic.”
Agatha: “I’m going to Spain for a city break next week. I’m leaving on Friday night and staying at a hotel. I’m going shopping, then I’m relaxing on the beach. I also want to visit the picture gallery.”
Daniel: “I’m going to my friend’s next Saturday. He’s coming from Manchester and we’re having a party.”

4.3 Learn these useful words and phrases. / Выучи эти полезные слова и фразы.

5.1 Click on the icon below and learn new words with Quizlet app. / Кликни по иконке ниже и учи новые слова в мобильном приложении Quizlet.


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  1. 1. GE|Adults|Beginner|1. Nice to meet you!
  2. 2. GE|Adults|Beginner|2. Where are you from?
  3. 3. GE|Adults|Beginner|English Practice 1: Can you spell it?
  4. 4. GE|Adults|Beginner|3. We're Americans
  5. 5. GE|Adults|Beginner|4. What's your phone number?
  6. 6. GE|Adults|Beginner|Revise and Check 1-4
  7. 7. GE|Adults|Beginner|5. What's in your bag?
  8. 8. GE|Adults|Beginner|6. Souvenirs and prices
  9. 9. GE|Adults|Beginner|English Practice 2: How much is it?
  10. 10. GE|Adults|Beginner|7. People and family
  11. 11. GE|Adults|Beginner|8. Common adjectives
  12. 12. GE|Adults|Beginner|Revise and Check 5-8
  13. 13. GE|Adults|Beginner|9. What do you have for breakfast?
  14. 14. GE|Adults|Beginner|10. A long flight
  15. 15. GE|Adults|Beginner|English Practice 3: What's the time?
  16. 16. GE|Adults|Beginner|11. What do you do?
  17. 17. GE|Adults|Beginner|12. My typical day
  18. 18. GE|Adults|Beginner|Revise and Check 9-12
  19. 19. GE|Adults|Beginner|13. Free time in our life
  20. 20. GE|Adults|Beginner|14. Cinema
  21. 21. GE|Adults|Beginner|English Practice 4: How can I get there?
  22. 22. GE|Adults|Beginner|15. I can do it!
  23. 23. GE|Adults|Beginner|16. Do you like cycling?
  24. 24. GE|Adults|Beginner|Revise and Check 13-16
  25. 25. GE|Adults|Beginner|17. What am I doing?
  26. 26. GE|Adults|Beginner|18. The Secret Mission
  27. 27. GE|Adults|Beginner|English Practice 5: Would you like a cup of coffee?
  28. 28. GE|Adults|Beginner|19. In a hotel
  29. 29. GE|Adults|Beginner|20. Famous people
  30. 30. GE|Adults|Beginner|English Practice 6: Where am I?
  31. 31. GE|Adults|Beginner|21. It was my dream
  32. 32. GE|Adults|Beginner|22. One day
  33. 33. GE|Adults|Beginner|23. I Rode A Camel!
  34. 34. GE|Adults|Beginner|24. I'm going to Vatican
  35. 35. GE|Adults|Beginner|Revise and Check 17-24