GE|Adults|Beginner|6. Souvenirs and prices


1.1 Look at the picture of different souvenirs. Try to name the things.


1.2 What souvenirs do you usually buy?


1.1 Here is the list of new words. Listen and repeat these words. What souvenirs do you collect?


1. a cap
2. a mug
3. a T-Shirt
4. a photo frame
5. a flag
6. a badge
7. a key ring
8. a postcard
9. a hat
10. a map
11. an umbrella
12. a notebook

1.2 Listen and write the words.

1.3 Look at the pictures and write the words with articles.


1.1 Listen and repeat. Then read the rules.

What’s this?

1. What’s this?
It’s an umbrella.

2. What’s that?
It’s a mug.

3. What are these?
They’re pens.

4. What are those?
They’re maps.a


⦁ We use this/ these for things that are near us (things here)
⦁ We use that/ those for things that are far from us (things there or over there)
this/ that = singular; these/ those = plural
⦁ We also use this/ that / these/ those for people.

E.g. This is my brother, Who’s that girl over there?


This/ that / these/ those can be pronouns or adjectives.

This is my book. (= pronoun)
This book is very nice. (= adjective)

1.2 Choose the correct variant. Then listen and check.

1. Those flags are expensive.
2. That mug is cool.
3. These maps aren’t for me.
4. I want those postcards.
5. This is my umbrella.
6. I like those T-shirts.

2.1 Look at the pictures. Complete with this / that / these or those.


1.1 Listen to the words and phrases. Then repeat.

How much are these flags?
They are twelve pounds.
They are ten dollars.
That’s expensive!
That’s cheap!
Is this your bag?
Thank you.
You’re welcome.
Over there

Useful words and phrases

How much are these flags? [hau mʌtʃ ɑ: ði:z flæɡz]
They are twelve pounds. [ðeɪ ɑ: twelv paundz]
They are ten dollars. [ðeɪ ɑ: ten dɔləz]
That’s expensive! [ðæts ɪksˈpensɪv]
That’s cheap! [ðæts tʃi:p]
Is this your bag? [iz ðɪs jɔ: bæɡ]
Thank you. [θæŋk ju:]
You’re welcome. [ju:əˈ welkəm]
Here [hɪə]
There [ðɛə]
Over there [’əuvə ðɛə]

2.1 Listen to the dialogue. Fill in the gaps with the given words.

A: Can I help you?
B: Yes, how much are these mugs?
A: They are fifteen dollars.
B: Oh, it’s expensive.

A: Excuse me, what are those?
B: They are key rings.
A: And is this a cap?
B: Yes, it is.
A: Oh, it’s very cheap.

A: Excuse me! Is this your umbrella?
B: Oh, yes! It’s my umbrella. Thank you!
A: You’re welcome.

2.2 Match the questions and the answers. Then listen and check.

Excuse me, what are those?
Those are the maps.

Excuse me! Is this your bag?
Yes, it’s my bag! Thank you!

How much is this flag?
It’s eleven pounds.

Is it expensive?
Oh, no! It’s very cheap.

Is this a postcard?
Yes, it is!

3.1 Listen to the dialogue. Complete the sentences.

A: Excuse me, how much are these notebooks?
B: They are seven dollars.

A: Are those T-Shirts expensive?
B: Oh, no! They’re only nine pounds.

A: Excuse me, what is this?
B: This is a badge.
A: How much is it?
B: It’s three dollars.

A: Look! It’s very cheap mug!
B: How much is it?
A: It’s four pounds!

3.2 Role-play the dialogues with your teacher.


1.1 Listen and repeat.

|ð| this, that, these, those, the
|ə| a, an, paper, better, again

this, think, from, laptop, monkey, camera, thank, those, four, map, paper, an

2.1 Read the sentences. Then listen and repeat.

1. This is my mother.
2. What’s that over there?
3. These are my pens, and those are his pencils.

1. This is my mother.
2. What’s that over there?
3. These are my pens, and those are his pencils.


1.1 Here are the pictures of souvenirs. Imagine that you are a customer and would like something to buy. Ask the prices, using this/ that/ these/ those.

How much is this mug? How much are those flags?

pic 2_GE_Beg_10

1.2 Now, imagine that you are a shop assistant. You need to tell the prices of the souvenirs.

Customer: How much is this mug?
Shop assistant: It’s twenty pounds.

Homework / Домашнее задание

pic4_GE|Beg|Intro short

1.1 Choose and mark the correct variant. / Выбери и отметь правильный вариант.

1.2 Choose and mark the correct pronoun. / Выбери и отметь правильное местоимение.

1.3 Match the phrases. Then listen and check. / Сопоставь фразы. Затем послушай аудио и проверь.

1. How much are these flags?
2. Is this your bag?
3. Over there
4. You’re welcome
5. That’s expensive!

1.4 Listen and complete the phrases. / Послушай аудио и составь фразы.

1. How much are these maps?
2. They are ten pounds.
3. They are eight dollars.
4. Is this your bag?
5. Thank you.
6. You are welcome.
7. Over there.

1.5 Click on the icon below and learn new words with Quizlet app. / Кликни по иконке ниже и учи новые слова в мобильном приложении Quizlet.


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