GE|Adults|Beginner|English Practice 1: Can you spell it?


1.1 What’s your name? How do you spell it? Type your name and pronounce each letter.

Learning Alphabet

1.1 Listen to the alphabet and repeat.



A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, I, J, K, L, M, N, O, P, Q, R, S, T, U, V, W, X, Y, Z.

1.2 Listen to the difference between the letters.

Pronunciation of letters


1.3 Listen and mark the letter you hear.

Pronunciation of letters

⦁ W
⦁ Y
⦁ A
⦁ P
⦁ V
⦁ M
⦁ K
⦁ J
⦁ I


1.1 Look at the photos. How do you say the letters?

2.1 Listen and complete the conversation with the words in the list.

What’s your name?

A: What’s your name?
B: Carlos.
A: How do you spell it?
B: C-A-R-L-O-S.

3.1 What acronyms do you know from a guide to internet slang and abbreviations?


1.1 Listen and repeat the words.


⦁ a chair
⦁ a pen
⦁ a window
⦁ the board
⦁ the door
⦁ a dictionary
⦁ a piece of paper
⦁ a laptop
⦁ a table

1.2 Write the words according to the first letter.

1.3 Look at the picture of the classroom. Ask the questions and answer them.

pic2_GE_Beg_Pract 1

Useful phrases

What is it?
It’s …..
How do you spell it?

2.1 Listen to the phrases, then read them.


Do it orally.
Sit down.
Stand up, please.
Read the rule.
Go to page 7.
Do exercise 5.
How do you spell it?
I don’t know.
Sorry I’m late.
I don’t understand.
Can you repeat that, please?
Excuse me, what’s __ in English?

2.2 Match the phrases with the pictures.

3.1 Listen and complete the conversation.

Open your books, please.

⦁ A: Open your books, please. Go to page 8.
B: Excuse me, can you repeat that, please?
A: Yes. Go to page 8.
⦁ A: Excuse me. How do you spell “book”?
B: B-O-O-K.
A: Thank you.
⦁ A: Sorry, I’m late.
B: Ok. Sit down, please.

4.1 Listen and do the actions.


⦁ Spell your name.
⦁ Stand up, please.
⦁ Sit down.
⦁ Do the next exercise.


1.1 Listen to James and choose the correct answer.

pic3_GE_Beg_Pract 1

Hello, I’m James.

Hello. I’m James. I’m from Texas. I’m a journalist. Today I’m in New Jersey. I’m not on holiday. I’m here for work.

1.2 Listen and order the sentences from 1 to 10.

Good evening, sir.

A: Good evening, sir.
B: Hello. I have a reservation in your hotel.
A: Ok. What’s your surname?
B: My name’s James Globe.
A: Sorry?
B: Globe.
A: How do you spell it?
B: G-L-O-B-E.
A: Thank you. Ok, Mr. Globe. You’re in room 485.
B: Thanks.

pic4_GE_Beg_Pract 1


Name: James Globe
First name: James
Surname (last name): Globe


Good morning: before 12
Good afternoon: from 12 to 6 p.m.
Good evening: after 6 p.m.

2.1 Listen to Amanda and choose the correct answer.

pic5_GE_Beg_Pract 1

Hi. My name’s Amanda Smith.

Hi. My name’s Amanda Smith. I’m from New Jersey. Today’s my birthday, and I want to book a table in my favourite restaurant China Star. It’s Chinese.

2.2 Listen and complete the information.

pic6_GE_Beg_Pract 1

Waiter and Amanda

Waiter = W; Amanda = A

W: China Star. Good morning. How can I help you?
A: Hello, I want to book a table for today.
W: Today…. em.. Friday?
A: Yes, Friday.
W: How many people?
A: Six.
W: What time?
A: Six o’clock.
W: What’s your name?
A: Amanda Smith.
W: Sorry, how do you spell it?
A: S-M-I-T-H.
W: Thank you, Ms. Smith. So, a table for six, on Friday, today at six, right?
A: Yes. That’s right. Thanks, bye.
W: Good bye. See you today at six.

Homework / Домашнее задание

1.1 Listen and mark the letter you hear. / Послушай аудио и отметь в каждой строке букву, которую услышишь.


Q, W, H, A, Y, X, O

1.2 Write the words in capital letters. / Напиши слова заглавными буквами.

Example: cat —> CAT

1.3 Complete the classroom expressions. / Составь учебные выражения (для класса).

1.4 Look at the picture and name the words you know. / Посмотри на фото и назови все слова, которые знаешь.

pic7_GE_Beg_Pract 1

1.5 Fill in the gaps with the given words. / Заполни пробелы перечисленными словами.

pic4_GE_Beg_Pract 1

1.6 Match the questions with the answers. / Сопоставь вопросы с ответами.

pic8_GE_Beg_Pract 1

1.7 Click on the icon below and learn new words with Quizlet app. / Кликни по иконке ниже и учи новые слова в мобильном приложении Quizlet.


Урок Homework Курс
  • Warm-up
  • Learning Alphabet
  • Spelling
  • Vocabulary
  • Listening
  • Homework
  1. 1. GE|Adults|Beginner|1. Nice to meet you!
  2. 2. GE|Adults|Beginner|2. Where are you from?
  3. 3. GE|Adults|Beginner|English Practice 1: Can you spell it?
  4. 4. GE|Adults|Beginner|3. We're Americans
  5. 5. GE|Adults|Beginner|4. What's your phone number?
  6. 6. GE|Adults|Beginner|Revise and Check 1-4
  7. 7. GE|Adults|Beginner|5. What's in your bag?
  8. 8. GE|Adults|Beginner|6. Souvenirs and prices
  9. 9. GE|Adults|Beginner|English Practice 2: How much is it?
  10. 10. GE|Adults|Beginner|7. People and family
  11. 11. GE|Adults|Beginner|8. Common adjectives
  12. 12. GE|Adults|Beginner|Revise and Check 5-8
  13. 13. GE|Adults|Beginner|9. What do you have for breakfast?
  14. 14. GE|Adults|Beginner|10. A long flight
  15. 15. GE|Adults|Beginner|English Practice 3: What's the time?
  16. 16. GE|Adults|Beginner|11. What do you do?
  17. 17. GE|Adults|Beginner|12. My typical day
  18. 18. GE|Adults|Beginner|Revise and Check 9-12
  19. 19. GE|Adults|Beginner|13. Free time in our life
  20. 20. GE|Adults|Beginner|14. Cinema
  21. 21. GE|Adults|Beginner|English Practice 4: How can I get there?
  22. 22. GE|Adults|Beginner|15. I can do it!
  23. 23. GE|Adults|Beginner|16. Do you like cycling?
  24. 24. GE|Adults|Beginner|Revise and Check 13-16
  25. 25. GE|Adults|Beginner|17. What am I doing?
  26. 26. GE|Adults|Beginner|18. The Secret Mission
  27. 27. GE|Adults|Beginner|English Practice 5: Would you like a cup of coffee?
  28. 28. GE|Adults|Beginner|19. In a hotel
  29. 29. GE|Adults|Beginner|20. Famous people
  30. 30. GE|Adults|Beginner|English Practice 6: Where am I?
  31. 31. GE|Adults|Beginner|21. It was my dream
  32. 32. GE|Adults|Beginner|22. One day
  33. 33. GE|Adults|Beginner|23. I Rode A Camel!
  34. 34. GE|Adults|Beginner|24. I'm going to Vatican
  35. 35. GE|Adults|Beginner|Revise and Check 17-24