GE|Adults|Elementary|Practical English 5: Enjoy your meal!


1.1 Answer the questions

pic1_GE_El1_Pract 5

— Who is your favourite famous person?
— Would you like to invite him/her to your house, if you have a chance?
— What kind of dinner would you prepare for your special guest? Describe your table.

Making an invitation to dinner

1.1 Listen to the dialogue and mark if the sentences are true or false.

pic2_GE_El1_Pract 5

Jess, thanks for helping me before the exam!

J = Jess, P = Peter, A = Alex

P: Jess, thanks for helping me before the exam!
J: Oh, you’re always welcome! Did you successfully pass it?
P: Sure! And you..?
J: Well done! Me, of course! We did it and it’s cool!
P: Yeah, it’s true! How can I give your notes back?
J: Hm..(pause 2 sec)What are you doing this Saturday?
P: I don’t have anything special.
J: Fine! Today is Alex’s birthday, but he is having his birthday party at the weekend. Maybe you can come to his place. What do you think?
P: Really? Sounds good! …(pause 2 sec) Hey, friend! Happy birthday!!
A: Thanks so much! I’d like to see you at my party. Are you busy this Saturday?
P: No, I’m free. Thanks for your invitation! Jess has already told me about it! I’ll be glad to come!
A: Great! We’ll wait for you at 6 in Frankie & Benny’s.
P: Yes, sure! See you, guys, later!
J: Bye!

1.2 Listen to the dialogue again and say why the F sentences are false.

2.1 Look at How to say… box. Listen and repeat the phrases from the column 2.

I passed my exam yesterday

(pause after every mini-dialogue — 4 seconds)

1. — I passed my exam yesterday. — Well done!
2. — Today is my birthday. — Happy birthday!
3. — John asked me to marry him. — Congratulations!
4. — I didn’t find your favourite perfume. — Oh, dear! Never mind.
5. — I’m going to a job interview tomorrow. — Good luck!

3.1 Listen to the speakers and respond with the help of phrases from the How to say… box.

I didn’t get that job.

(pause after every sentence — 5 seconds)

1. I didn’t get that job.
2. Tomorrow I have my first lesson with kids.
3. I’ve got a visa to work in Canada.
4. I passed my driving test.
5. I’m fifteen today.


1.1 Fill the gaps of the menu with Starters, Main courses and Desserts.


2 courses – 18.00$

3 courses – 25.00$

1.2 Guess the meaning of the words in bold. How do you pronounce them? Listen to the words, check and repeat.


(pause after every word — 3 seconds)

Starters, soup, main, courses, roast, beef, desserts, fresh, sauce, homemade

2.1 Don’t look at the menu and try to name what was on the menu.

How to order a meal

1.1 Listen to the dialogue. What food and drinks do the friends order?


Good evening, sir!

(light background noise like in a restaurant during the whole dialogue)

W=waiter, P = Peter, J = Jess, A=Alex

W: Good evening sir, welcome to the Frankie & Benny’s Restaurant. Do you have a reservation?
P: Yes, I’ve come to my friend’s birthday party.
W: Oh, sure! Come this way, please.
… (pause 3 sec)…
P: Hi everybody! Alex, this is for you, friend.
A: Wow! Thanks a lot! But you didn’t have to do that! I’m glad to see you without any presents!
… (pause 2 sec)…
W: Are you ready to order or do you need a few minutes?
A: I think we’re ready. We’ll have two Bbq Chicken Pizzas, one Hawaiian Pizza and one New York Giant Pizza.
W: Would you like anything to drink?
A: Yes, Pepsi for six of us, please.
J: And a bottle of mineral water, please
W: Sparkling or still?
J: Sparkling. Thank you

! Still water = no gas, sparkling water = with gas

2.1 Listen to the dialogue again and complete the phrases.


2.2 Choose the correct word in the given dialogues.

Ending of the meal

1.1 Listen to the second part of the dialogue and answer the questions.

Well, Alex…

(light background noise like in a restaurant during the whole dialogue)

W=waiter, P = Peter, J = Jess, A=Alex

P: Well, Alex, I heard you are getting married to Jess this autumn.
A: Oh, that’s true.
J: I think, you’ll be a good husband. (laughing)
P: Congratulations! I’m so glad for you, guys! Alex, you’re a lucky man!
J: Thanks, Peter!
A: Jess, would you mind if Peter my best man?
J: Yeah, go ahead!
P: Oh, are you serious?! Sounds good! (laughing)
W: Would you like to see the dessert menu?
A: Just bring strawberry ice cream with chocolate sauce for our 2 girls and 4 Americanos for the boys, please.
W: Two strawberry ice creams and four Americanos. I’ll be right back with your order, sir.
A: So, Jess and I would like to invite all of you to our wedding party.
J: Please, don’t plan anything for the beginning of October. We’ll tell you about the date of our wedding later.
P: Great news! No problem, Jess.
W: Would you like something else?
A: Could we have the bill, please?
W: Of course, here it is.
A: Thank you very much.
W: You’re welcome. Have a nice evening.

1) What are Alex and Jess going to do this autumn?
2) Do they look at the dessert menu?
3) What do they order?
4) What does Alex say to his friends after the meal?
5) What does Alex ask the waiter for? 

2.1 Look at the phrases from the box and write who says each of the phrases (Alex, Peter, Jess, waiter). Then listen to the second part of the dialogue again and check.

Social phrases

2.2 Make up your own dialogue At the restaurant, using the phrases from the How to say… box. Act it out.

Homework / Домашнее задание

1.1 Look at Joe’s Restaurant menu and answer the questions.

*Посмотри на меню ресторана «Joe’s» и ответь на вопросы.

1.2 Find new words or phrases in this menu, highlight them and check their pronunciation and meaning.

*Найди новые слова или фразы в этом меню, выдели их и проверь их произношение и значение.

2.1 Fill the gaps with the words from the box.

*Заполни пробелы словами из вложения.

reservation/ table/ way/ ready/ have/ would/ like/ something/ mineral/ sparkling/ bill

3.1 Match the sentences in two columns.

*Сопоставь две части каждого предложения.

Урок Homework Курс
  • Warm-up
  • Making an invitation to dinner
  • Vocabulary
  • How to order a meal
  • Ending of the meal
  • Homework
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