GE|Adults|Intermediate|12. Shopping

Listen to the recording and report the sentences


  • I will offer him my help.
  • What did you do last Sunday?
  • My cousin has flown to Rome.
  • I’m exhausted.
  • Is there any washing powder?
  • I bought a sweater in this new store.

Do you think these things are the same or different? Explain why

1. A supermarket and a market.

2. A chemist and a pharmacy.

3. A shopping centre and a department store.

4. A shopping centre and a shopping mall.

5. A library and a bookshop.

Answer the questions

1. What are the last three shops you have visited?

2. What kind of shops are they?

3. What did you buy there?

Match the words and the pictures

Match the shops and the pictures of what you can buy there

  • stationer’s [‘steɪʃ(ə)nəz]
  • chemist’s [‘keməsts]
  • butcher’s [‘bʊtʃəz]
  • newsagent’s [‘njuːzˌeɪʤ(ə)nts]

  • shopping centre — AE mall
  • baker’s — AE bakery
  • newsagent’s — AE newsstand
  • chemist’s/pharmacy — AE pharmacy/drugstore


Match the words and definitions

  • bargain [‘ba:gən]
  • receipt [rɪ’si:t]
  • trolley [‘trɔli]

Listen and click on the word with a different sound


  • girl [g]: bargain newsagent’s argument ground floor
  • jazz [dʒ]: vegetables manager change gift shop
  • key [k]: discount baker’s queue receipt
  • shower [ʃ]: shoe shop stationer’s cereals washing powder
  • chess [tʃ]: butcher’s chemist’s cheese choose

Listen and repeat the sentences. Practise saying them

  1. You can’t get cheese at a chemist’s!
  2. I had an argument with the manager of the gift shop.
  3. I had to queue for ages at the baker’s.
  4. Could you give me the receipt for the shoes, please?
  5. My new green jacket was a bargain.


Read the statements. Correct and rewrite only the wrong sentences in the gaps. Then click on «Check»


Write some other questions that journalists asked Dr. Makele in reported speech


Complete the texts with words from the list

Read the definitions and write the words

Write the following words in the correct column

Read the interview. Then complete the journalist’s report below with the verbs in bold from the interview using the correct tense

Read the other questions journalists asked Mike. Choose the correct variants of reported speech

Try to remember the words

1. branch

2. compensation

3. complaint

4. goods

5. guarantee

6. laptop

7. staff

8. deliver

9. in stock

10. out-of-date

Complete the sentences with one of the words or phrases from the previous step. Change grammar form if it’s necessary

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