GE|Adults|Intermediate|2. My family


1.1 Look at this photo. What do you think about the relations between the family members?


2.1 Read these family rules and tell if you agree with them. Why or why not?


1.1 Do you know how to describe your personality? Try to describe yourself using these words.

Turn to see the translation.

1.2 Complete the sentences with the words given in the previous exercise.


1.1 Try to understand what these words mean.

1.2 Listen to the audio and fill in the gaps with the words you hear.

Happiness is Family?

What makes teens and twenty-somethings happy? You might be tempted to say sex, money, and music as the main sources of happiness. You would be wrong. According to a survey, spending time with family made 13-24 year olds most happy. Time with friends came in second place, and time with a significant other was third. Almost no one said money brought happiness.
Seventy-three percent indicated that a good relationship with their parents made them feel good. In addition, when they looked for a role model, nearly half of the respondents mentioned one of their parents. Moms ranked higher than dads with 29% of the vote. Dads received 21%.
Other results were worrisome, though. Most of the pollees generally felt happy with the direction of their lives, but the survey discovered a racial divide. Whites were generally happier than blacks or Hispanics in all economic groups. And as for stress, kids had a 10% higher rate than adults. For 13-17 year olds, school stressed them out the most. For 18-24 year olds, they were most worried about jobs and finances. The middle class and women had slightly higher stress levels.
The survey also wanted to know whether today’s youth will remain happy in the future. This was the big question. Sixty-two percent of teens believed the future will hold greater amounts of happiness. Pollees in the 18-24-year-old range were even more optimistic. However, many in both age groups expect a more difficult life than their parents’ lies ahead.


1.1 Answer the questions.


1. Do you agree that family is the most important thing in our life? Why/why not?

2. What makes a family happy? Why do you think so?

3. What is happiness for you?

4. What is the main thing for you?

5. If you won $1,000,000, would you be happy? Why/not?


1.1 Future forms.

1.2 Choose and mark the correct answer.

1.3 Complete the sentences with the right future form.


1.1 Write a small story about your family. Describe your family member’s personality. Use as many new personality adjectives as you can. You can also use the example.

I would like to tell you about my family. I think my family is not very big. It consists of 4 members. They are: my mother, my father, my younger sister and me. My mother’s name is Deborah, but my father calls her Debbie. She is a doctor and she works in a big hospital near our house. My mother is a skilled doctor. She is very caring and helpful, and everyone in the hospital likes her. She is very proud of her work. My mother is 48, but she looks much younger.
My father’s name is Jonathan. He is 50, but he also looks very young for his age. My father is tall and strong. He is fond of sport, and he goes to the fitness centre twice a week. He works as an engineer for a big company. He is always very busy. He is a handy man, and he repairs everything in the house himself. Actually, sometimes I try to help him, but not often.
I have a younger sister as well. Her name is Alexandra, but I call her Alex or even Xandra.
She is still at school. She is in the 9th form. She is a good student and always gets good marks.
She would like to be a language teacher in the future. I believe she can do this, because she is always patient and very helpful. She is now 16, and she is very pretty. Sometimes she can be a bit naughty, but most of the time she is friendly. She is fond of music, and she can play the piano quite well. And now I will tell you about myself.
My name is Peter, and I’m 21.
At the moment I’m studying at the university.
I study technology and marketing, and in the future I’ll be an engineer like my father.
So this is my family.
We love each other and we spend a lot of time together, especially at the weekend.



Homework doing

1.1 Complete the sentences with a family word.

2.1 Choose the correct answer.

3.1 Match the comments with the personality adjectives in the box.