GE|Adults|Intermediate|Practical English 1: Reacting to what people say


1.1 What ways of expressions below are positive and negative? Explain when they are used.

pic6_GE_Int_Pract 1

— That’s right/You’re right/I know.

— Exactly/Absolutely/Definitely.

— I suppose (so)/I guess (so).

— I’m sorry, but…Excuse me, but…

— Absolutely not/Of course not…

— I don’t know…I take your point…That’s true, but…

Vocabulary and Reading

1.1 Learn words and expressions.



1.2 Read and learn the words of functional language.


  • I (totally) agree with you that…
  • I couldn’t agree more.
  • Sure, that’s what I think
  • I’d go along with that.
  • I feel the same.
  • You’re absolutely right.
  • Absolutely/Definitely/Exactly.
  • No doubt about it.
  • That’s a good point / I see your point.


  • I’m afraid I disagree.
  • I don’t agree with you / that…
  • I’d be inclined to disagree.
  • That’s not the way I see it.
  • I don’t think so / I don’t feel the same.

Partly agreeing

  • Really? [ˈrɪəli] — Действительно?
  • I see your point but…
  • I kind of agree with you/that…
  • I agree with you to an extent, however…
  • You make a good point, but…

2.1 Read the dialogue. Find and mark the words/expressions from Ex 1.1 and Ex 1.2. Try to explain their definition/translation.

A holiday plan on the phone

pic5_GE_Int_Pract 1

3.1 Read and complete the conversation between three people. Use words/phrases from the box.

pic7_GE_Int_Pract 1


1.1 Listen to Martha and John talking. Fill in the gaps.

pic1_GE_Int_Pract 1

Martha and John

Martha: My name is Martha White. And New York is my hometown. I live in this city since my childhood. I work here as a journalist in the magazine. It is called “Paris”.
John: My name is John Smith. I am a writer and I also work for “Paris”. I wasn’t born in New York; I came here a couple of months ago. I’m British and I was born in there.
Martha: I met John in London and we immediately fell in love.
John: You can ask me why I am here. It’s an odd question. Of course because of her! I was looking for the opportunity to meet her, and when my boss offered me a permanent job in the New York’s department of “Paris” I couldn’t believe in it.
Martha: I helped John to find a good apartment here. So I’m so happy that he is finally with me. I can only hope that he is happy too.
John: I loved living in London and my family and friends are still there. I will lie to you if I tell that I don’t miss London! Of course I do! But New York is an amazing city. I have the best job in the world I the best woman is with me.
Martha: Everything is changing so fast. We have a new boss, his name is Don Taylor and he is a very good person. So today I’m going to invite John to see my parents. I hope everything will be great. I can only pray.

1.2 Listen to Martha introducing John to her parents. What good news does Martha have for her parents? What bad news does John have for Martha?

Martha introduces John to her parents

Martha: I can’t believe we got here so late.
John: Sorry, Martha. I had to finish my work. My article is very important so our boss asked me to do it as faster as possible.
Martha: Don’t forget the biscuits!
John: OK. Oh no!
Martha: No no no! I don’t want to believe in it! How could you forget them?
John: Have you ever seen my table in the office! Once I even have found a burger in papers!
Martha: You must be kidding.
John: I swear I will clean everything!
Martha: Why don’t you tidy it up earlier?
John: Forgive me! Let’s just go and buy some more biscuits.
Martha: We don’t have time! We are already late!
Martha: Hi dad! Hi mum!
Bruce: Hello! Welcome!
Martha: I’m sorry we are late.
Amanda: Never mind it’s OK. Come in, please. It’s so nice to meet you at last.
Bruce: Our daughter has finally decided to introduce you.
Martha: We are so sorry for coming without any presents. We bought you some biscuits but someone forgot them at the office.
Amanda: Never mind! Sit down, please!
Bruce: Yeah, don’t worry about it. We know how busy you are.
Martha: Actually I have good news. Our new boss needs some help. So he offered me to become a Managing Editor! And of course I agreed!
Amanda: So you’ve got a promotion? That’s fantastic!
Bruce: That’s great news! John, is Martha going to be your boss?
Martha: No, dad. I’m just a Managing. Not John’s Manager.
Amanda: OK. Let’s go and have a dinner.
Martha: Thank you, mum. That sounds great!

1.3 Here are some parts of the conversation. Listen to it again and fill in the gaps.

1.4 Listen to the dialogue after dinner. Did the dinner end well?

pic3_GE_Int_Pract 1

After dinner…

Bruce: John, do you know that Martha is the most ambitious person in our family? She studied at Oxford and now she is going to be your boss!
Martha: Dad, stop it! I’m not going to become his boss!
John: I know that my Martha is the best woman in the world!
Bruce: That’s true. But what about you? How can you describe yourself in five years?
John: I think that I will be a good writer.
Bruce: Oh really? And what do you write?
John: You know I write articles, interviews, reviews for our magazine. I like what I do.
Martha: Dad, enough. He is a very talented writer. He is very creative.
Bruce: That sounds amazing. But can you use your creativity to pay bills?
Martha: John, can you see those books? My father has the biggest home library in our city.
John: Oh, are these Steven King’s books?
Bruce: Yeah, do you know anything about him?
John: Of course I interviewed him last month. He is a very self-confident and ambitious person. I like him.
Bruce: Let’s go, son, you will tell me everything you know about him!

1.5 Answer these questions:

1. Is John creative?
2. What does John do?
3. Does Bruce have the biggest home library in the city?
4. Did John interview JoanneRowling?
5. Did Martha study at Harvard?


1.1 Reacting to what people say.

pic4_GE_Int_Pract 1

How can you react, when you hear…

Something interesting
– Really?

Some good news
– That’s great! That’s fantastic! What a great idea!

Some bad news
– What a pity! Oh no! Never mind.

Something surprising
– You’re kidding! I don’t believe it!

1.2 Read the sentences and try to react.

1. I’ve just passed my English test. And I’ve got an excellent mark!
2. I lost my wallet yesterday. I’m so sad.
3. My parents met when they were only 16.
4. My cat can open the bathroom door by herself.
5. My brother is going to be interviewed tomorrow.
6. I’m going to Germany this weekend.
7. I broke up with my boyfriend/girlfriend last week.
8. I failed my driving test two days ago.

1.3 Tell some real (or invented) news about you for your teacher to react.


– Introduce yourself and other people;

– React to good news, bad news, surprising news etc;

– Use phrases, which give you time to think, e.g. I mean, you know etc.

Practical English

1.1 Complete the dialogues with the phrases from the box.


1.2 Complete the dialogues. Use words and phrases from the list.

How / Never / pity / Really / kidding / news / What


1.1 Watch the learning video «Speaking English: How to express your reaction». Then test your understanding of the English lesson by answering questions below.