GE|Adults|Pre-Intermediate|18. Every great dream begins with a dreamer


1.1 Answer the questions.


1. Did you have a dream last night?

2. What was it?

3. Do you know the meaning of your dream?

4. What is the most incredible dream that you’ve ever had?

Reading and Listening

1.1 Do you believe that dreams can tell us our future? Do you believe in dreams?

! Interesting fact

Prophetic — saying correctly what will happen in the future.

1.2 Listen to the dialogue between a psychoanalyst and a patient. Number the pictures 1-6 in the correct order.


Dr = Dr Coul, P = patient

Dr: So, tell me about your dreams. Do you have nightmares?
P: Yes, sometimes.
Dr: Can you tell me your last one?
P: Let me think… I remember I had a party at my house and there were a lot of unknown people.
Dr: Do you know anyone from those people?
P: No, I don’t, they didn’t even notice me.
Dr: And what were you doing?
P: I was drinking beer, if I remember correctly.
Dr: Well, what was after that?
P: Then, suddenly I was in the street and there was a lot of snow.
Dr: Snow? Good, continue, please.
P: It was dark and I saw nothing, but I could hear somebody was playing the guitar.
Dr: The guitar? Go on.
P: When I turned my head, I saw a clown near me.
Dr: So, were you frightened? What did you feel?
P: I was’t frightened but I felt freezing, it was so cold that I saw my breath and I woke up.
Dr: Your breath? Mm, very intriguing. Were you wearing any warm clothes?
P: No, no, I wasn’t.
Dr: Have you ever had such a dream before?
P: No, never. Can you tell me what it can mean, Doctor?

1.3 Fill in the gaps according to the previous dialogue.

1.4 Try to guess what the patient’s dream means? Match things from his dream with interpretations.

1.5 Listen to the Doctor’s interpretation of the patient’s dreams. Check yourself.

Dr = Dr Coul, P = patient

P: No, never. Can you tell me what it means, Doctor?
Dr: Well, let’s start from the beginning. Party with unknown people means that you have a lack of confidence during social settings. So you have what to think about.
P: Well, it is right, but why I’ve had this dream only now? I always had a lack of confidence!
Dr: Well, maybe because now it’s disturbing you more than earlier?
P: And what should I do?
Dr: Well, the second part of your dream was about beer, it means relaxation, free of worries and happiness. So you can easily go through it.
P: So, I have nothing to worry about?
Dr: Well, let’s see. Snow is a sign of psychological clearance and of deep emotional peace. Summing up all I’ve said before, you have some emotional difficulties, but you are ready to deal with them.
P: What about the guitar?
Dr: Guitar is a very special symbol. It shows that you need to pay special attention on your own interests. Do you have anything you’ve always wanted to do? Maybe it’s time to start!
P: Well, I have such a desire. I hope it is true and I will have a success in it. It is so interesting to know what my dream means. And what about the clown?
Dr: Yes. The clown is also a symbol. It relates to the childish and simple side of your own character. Maybe this makes you feel nervous?
P: No, not me. I’ve met a woman, and she is really nice, I think she is an ideal woman for me, but I think she doesn’t like my jokes and my simple attitude to the life. But I don’t know why.
Dr: Well, maybe she also likes you, but she can’t imagine how to build a family and grow up children with someone who isn’t serious in life.
P: But I am serious at my work, and my employee says I’m responsible person. I just want to relax after work and I can’t be serious all the time!
Dr: I believe you. But does she know?
P: Knows what, Doctor?

1.6 Now, Dr. Coul is going to explain what the last part of his dream means. What do you think it can be? Listen and find out.

Dr = Dr Coul, P = patient

Dr: You remember that at the end of your dream you were getting cold.
P: Yes, I was freezing and even saw my breath.
Dr: It might mean that this easy-going feature of your character makes your relationships impossible. She doesn’t know that you can be different.
P: You are right doctor, I need to show her that I can be serious and responsible.
Dr: I hope it’ll help!


Review of tenses: present, past and future

1.1 Complete the questions with auxiliary verbs.

1.2 Put the verb in the right form.

1.3 Complete the sentences with the correct form of the verbs in brackets.

1.4 Look at the sentences and decide which time do they refer to?



Most adjectives are usually followed by prepositions, so it is useful to learn the prepositions with the adjectives.

e.g. Are you afraid of cows?

1.1 Choose the right preposition from the table.

at of for with with
for at from in of

! Interesting fact

legacy — money or property that you receive from someone after they die


1.1 Now, let’s play the game. You’ll see the pictures with someone’s dreams. Describe these pictures and try to guess what they mean.


! Interesting fact

Diphthong ow can be pronounced in two different ways: [aʊ] e.g. now & [oʊ] e.g. snow.

1.1 Listen and repeat.

|aʊ| The cow with the bow.

|oʊ| Look at the window! It’s snowing!

The cow with the bow.

1.2 Write the words from the list in the right column.

flow window eyebrow allow plow
endow pillow elbow arrow borrow

1.3 Listen and check.

Diphthong ow can sound like…

Diphthong ow can sound like [aʊ] allow, eyebrow, endow, plow
Diphthong ow can sound like [oʊ] window, pillow, elbow, arrow, borrow, flow

1.4 Practise saying the sentences.

1. Yellow crow not a fellow of the marrow.

2. Slow snow doesn’t know that he won’t grow.

3. Narrow town became my sorrow and I throw it away.

4. How will you go down the stairs?


HW tasks

1.1 Write the correct form of the verbs.

1.2 Use the highlighted words in appropriate forms.

1.3 Choose the right preposition.

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