GE | B | Junior 10-17 | 15. Revision 2

School marks

How are things at school?




Read and do the task

1. Think of a number.
2. Add the same number. (+)
3. Multiply by 4. (x)
4. Divide by your number. (/)

💡 You can use a calculator. 



Read and do the task

1. Say what you can see in the picture. How many?

This is an apple. One apple.

2. Remember the numbers and pictures for 20 seconds. The teacher will close the picture. Say what you remember.

Personal information


Make a dialogue with your teacher. Use profiles

— What is your name?
— My name is Jack.
— How old are you?
— I am 9.
— Where are you from?
— I am from the UK. I am British.
— What’s your phone/WhatsApp/Viber number?
— My WhatsApp number is +44 720 843


Name: Jack
Age: 9
Country: the UK
WhatsApp: +44 720 843

Name: Marcus
Age: 10
Country: Greece
Viber: +30 632 091


Name: Omar
Age: 11
Country: Turkey
WhatsApp: +90 875 436

Name: Isabella
Age: 12
Country: Portugal
WhatsApp: +351 772 01


Name: Enrique
Age: 13
Country: Argentina
WhatsApp: +54 013 893


Name: Frantiska
Age: 9
Country: Poland
WhatsApp: +48 194 02


Name: Alicia
Age: 10
Country: Spain
WhatsApp: +34 559 104


Name: Jun
Age: 11
Country: China
WhatsApp: +86 782 910


Name: Jessica
Age: 12
Country: Australia
WhatsApp: +61 098 326

Possessive adjectives


Look at the table and say a possessive adjective or a pronoun

A secret agent

Guess a character

— Is it one character?
— No, it is not.
— Are there many of them?
— Yes, there are.
— Are they blue?
— No, they are not.
— Are they birds?
— Yes, they are.
— Are they Angry birds?
— Yes, they are.

What’s the time?


Look at the programme and say the day and the time

 Angry Birds is on Monday at 12.45.

Days of the week

Read and do the tasks

1. Say all days of the week from Sunday to Monday .
2. What is the day #2 ?
3. What is the day #7 ?
4. What day is after Wednesday ?
5. What day is before Saturday ?


Listen to the song and choose the correct answers

A family, a family,
What, what, what is a family?
A family, a family,
What is a family?
Brothers, sisters, a mom, or a dad,
Hanging out, spending time, much fun to be had.
Soccer with your uncle,
Fishing with your aunt.
Grandpa sure does love to do a dance.


Now you can:

1. ask for and give personal information;
2. describe music;
3. talk about countries;
4. name everyday objects, different sights and family members;
5. use numbers;
6. say the time and days of the week;
7. use the verb «to be», possessive adjectives, nouns in a plural form and demonstrative pronouns.





Useful language

  • This is my … .
  • Her/His name is … .
  • He/She is … years old.

Britain’s got talent / Британия ищет таланты


Read and do the task / Прочитай и выполни задание

You are going to listen to five songs from the British show «Britain’s got talent».
Imagine you are in a jury. Describe the singers, use the adjectives, and rate them from 1 to 10.

Ты собираешься прослушать пять песен из британского шоу «Британия ищет таланты». Представь, что ты в жюри. Опиши певцов, используй прилагательные, и оцени их по шкале от 1 до 10.

He is cool. I give him 9.

Find a pair / Найди пару


Match the words with the pictures / Сопоставь слова с картинками

Кликни по 🔗ссылке, переходи в приложение 📱Quizlet и учи/повторяй слова из урока.

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  • Possessive adjectives
  • A secret agent
  • What’s the time?
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  • What I can do
  • Britain’s got talent
  • Find a pair
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