GE| B | Junior 10-17| 8. A mysterious island (short)

School marks

How are things at school?

You’ve got mail!

You have got a new message. Click on the button and read it



Read the rules and get ready for the adventure

pic3_GE|B|U1|8 Take a trip to the island and explore it.
pic4_GE|B|U1|8 Complete different tasks.
pic5_GE|B|U1|8 Get trophies from the island.
pic6_GE|B|U1|8 Count the trophies and get a reward.
pic7_GE|B|U1|8 Find out what your level of English is and how to improve it.

Challenge 1: pack your bag!


Read the message. Click on the cards and do the tasks

pic9_GE|B|U1|8 Hey, young explorer!
The journey is going to be long and dangerous. Think carefully about what to pack!
Ask me or other travellers for advice if you need any!Dan


Dan: OK. I think we know what we’re taking. What do you reckon about getting there?
Ahmed: It makes sense if we drive, doesn’t it? Carrying all the stuff will be a nightmare.
Dan: Well, that’s true, but I don’t actually have a car!
Ahmed: What about your mum’s? Haven’t you asked her yet?
Dan: Um, no. The trouble with driving is the traffic. We’ll have to leave really early to avoid the rush hour.
Ahmed: Do you think it’s best to go by train then?
Dan: Possibly. It’ll be more expensive, but we can relax. Plus I’m not a very confident driver yet. What about this for an idea? We go by coach!
Ahmed: No way. That will take ages!
Dan: Oh, OK. So are we agreed?
Ahmed: Well, I think what we’ve decided is we’re not going by car or coach …
Dan: So, that means the train.
Ahmed: Right. Let’s go through the stuff again. We need to cut it down a bit.

Challenge 2: get to the airport


Read the message and get ready to do the tasks

pic11_GE|B|U1|8 Hey, explorers!

I’ve just talked to the airport staff, and they have told me there are no planes that fly to the little island!
What are we going to do?
Do you think we’ll get to the island?

The Explorer

Challenge 3: explore

Find out what happened during the flight

pic13_GE|B|U1|8 Everything seems OK, and we have almost reached the island. Can you see it there?

pic14_GE|B|U1|8 Oh, no!
One of the engines is breaking down!
Our plane is going to crash!

Grab the parachute and jump!

We’re safe!

Click on the cards and do the tasks

Challenge 4: make friends


Click on the cards and do the tasks



Click on the cards and read the information

Узнай свой балл и уровень языка


Что ты уже умеешь

Вместе с преподавателем, отметь то, что ты уже умеешь делать:


Постарайся уделить больше внимания

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  • School marks
  • You’ve got mail!
  • Challenge 1: pack your bag!
  • Challenge 2: get to the airport
  • Challenge 3: explore
  • Challenge 4: make friends
  • Congratulations!
  • Узнай свой балл и уровень языка
  • Что ты уже умеешь
  • Постарайся уделить больше внимания
  • Рекомендуемая программа
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