Teens|Grammar activating|El|13. The chocolate factory

1. She is a princess. She has magical golden hair. She is trapped in a tower.

2. He is a superhero. He can run very fast and jump very high. His costume is red.

3. He is a wizard. He has two best friends. He studies magic.

4. He is very strong. He has a special car. He fights crime.

5. He is a troll. He lives in the swamp. He has got a wife and three children.

6. She is a princess, too. She is very brave. She likes travelling.

Turn over the card and remember at least 3 facts about the character





Harry Potter
Harry Potter









Match the words with the pictures

pic1_Gr act|El|L13

Read the text and complete the gaps with the given words

pic2_Gr act|El|L13

Watch the episode and choose if the sentences are True or False

Speaker: This is a story of an ordinary little boy, named Charlie Bucket. He was not faster or stronger or more clever, than other children. His family was not rich or powerful or well-connected. In fact, they barely had enough to eat. Charlie Bucket was the luckiest boy in the entire world. He just didn’t know it yet.
Charlie’s dad: Evening, Buckets!
Grandparents: Evening!
Charlie: Hi, dad!
Charlie’s mother: Soup’s almost ready, darling. Don’t suppose there’s anything extra to put in, love? Oh, well. Nothing goes better with cabbage than cabbage.

pic3_Gr act|El|L13

Complete the texts about the film heroes with the verbs in correct forms





Watch the video. Match the parts of the sentences to make facts about Augustus’ life

pic4_Gr act|El|L13

Reporter: Augustus. This way.
Augustus: I am eating the Wonka bar … And I taste something that is not chocolate, or coconut, or walnut, or peanut butter, or nougat, or butter brittle, or caramel, or sprinkles. So, I look … and I find the golden ticket.
Reporter: Augustus, how did you celebrate?
Augustus: I eat more candy.
Mother: We knew Augustus would find the golden ticket. He eats so many candy bars a day that it was not possible for him not to find one.

Put the adverbs of frequency in the correct order

Adverbs of frequency

Adverbs of frequency describe how frequently something happens.

We often use them with Present Simple.


Carl often wears jeans. Carl wears jeans a lot.

You’re often late for school. You’re late for school a lot.

Note the word order for adverbs of frequency in a sentence.

Sentences with most verbs

Adverb Main verb
I always
hardly ever
do my homework on Saturdays.

Sentences with the verb to be

Be Adverb
I are always
hardly ever

Complete the sentences

pic5_Gr act|El|L13

Read the rules and play the guessing game

Guessing game

Student Teacher

Watch the video and tick the sentences which you think are true

pic6_Gr act|El|L13

Reporters: Veruca! Can you spell that for us, please?
Veruca: V-e-r-u-c-a. Veruca Salt.
Dad: As soon as my little Veruca told me she had to have one of these golden tickets, I started buying up all the Wonka bars I could lay my hands on. Thousands of them. Hundreds of thousands …
Veruca: Daddy, I want another pony.

Read the rule

We use the phrases like once a year, every morning, twice a month, three times a week, etc. to express how often we do different things.

We usually put them at the end of the sentence.

Watch the video and match the reporters’ questions with the answers

pic7_Gr act|El|L13

All you had to do was track the manufacturing dates, offset by weather and the derivative of the Nikkei index. A retard could figure it out.

Put the words in the right order to make questions. Answer the questions

Frequency of actions

To find out about the frequency of an action, we can ask questions beginning with:

  • How often … ?
  • Do you ever / Are you ever … ?

Mind the word order

How often…? Do/Are you ever … ?
to be How often are you sad? Are you ever sad?
most verbs How often do you win prizes? Do you ever go to school by bus?

Match the parts to make collocations

pic8_Gr act|El|L13

Watch the video, talk about Violet’s lifestyle

  1. What time does she get up?
  2. What does she do then?
  3. What is her typical breakfast?
  4. How often does she eat sweets?
  5. Is she ever late for school?
  6. How many lessons does she have?
  7. What does she do then?
  8. What time does she get home?
  9. How does she spend the evening?
  10. What time does she go to bed?

Useful language

  • She gets up …
  • Then she …
  • She usually …
  • She … every day.
  • She’s never …
  • She has … for lunch …
  • After school, she …

  1. What time does she get up?
  2. What does she do then?
  3. What does she have for breakfast?
  4. How often does she do housework?
  5. Does she ever watch TV?
  6. How often does she invite friends?
  7. What do they do together?
  8. What time does she have dinner?
  9. How does she spend the evening?
  10. What time does she go to bed?

Useful language

  • She gets up …
  • Then she …
  • She usually …
  • She … every day.
  • She’s never …
  • She has … for lunch …
  • In the evening, she …

pic9_Gr act|El|L13

Read the advertisement and write your letter to Willy Wonka

Advertisement Willy Wonka

Adverbs of frequency Phrases expressing frequency




hardly ever


every day

every evening / morning

in the afternoon

once a week

twice a …

three times a…

pic13_Grammar act|El|L7

The things you have learnt today

  • talk about the lifestyle of the characters from the film «Charlie and the Chocolate Factory»;
  • use the adverbs «always», «sometimes», «usually», «hardly ever», «never» correctly;
  • use the phrases, like «every day/week/month», «twice a year», «once a week», etc. correctly;
  • find out how often people do different things;
  • write about my lifestyle.


pic10_Gr act|El|L13

Read the descriptions and choose the correct name

Watch the video and choose if the sentences are True or False

Willy Wonka: Please enter! Come forward! Close the gates! Dear visitors, it is my great pleasure to welcome you to my humble factory. And who am I? Well …
Puppets: Willy Wonka, Willy Wonka, the amazing chocolatier. Willy Wonka, Willy Wonka, everybody give a cheer! He’s modest, clever and so smart, he barely can restrain it. With so much generosity, there is no way to contain it! To contain it! To contain, to contain, to contain! Hooray! Willy Wonka, Willy Wonka, he’s the one that you’re about to meet. Willy Wonka, Willy Wonka, he’s a genius who just can’t be beat. A magician and the chocolate wiz, the best damn guy who ever lived, Willy Wonka, here he is!
Willy Wonka: Wasn’t that just magnificent? I was worried it was getting a little dodgy in the middle part, but then that finale! WOW!
Violet: Who are you?
Granddad: He’s Willy Wonka!
Charlie: Really?
Willy Wonka: Good morning, starshine! The Earth says, «Hello!» Dear guests, greetings! Welcome to the factory! I shake you warmly by the hand! My name is Willy Wonka.
Veruca: Then shouldn’t you be up there?
Willy Wonka: Oh well, I couldn’t very well watch the show from up there now, could I, little girl?
Granddad: Mr. Wonka, I don’t know if you’ll remember me, but I used to work here in the factory.
Willy Wonka: Were you one of those despicable spies who every day tried to steal my life’s work and sell it those parasitic copycat-candy-making cads?
Granddad: No, sir!
Willy Wonka: Then wonderful! Welcome back! Let’s get a move on, kids!
Augustus: Don’t you want to know our names?
Willy Wonka: Can’t imagine how it would matter. Come quickly! Far too much to see.

pic11_Gr act|El|L13

Choose the correct ending of the sentence

Choose a favourite character from a film or a cartoon

pic12_Gr act|El|L13

Think about:

🔹who the character is;
🔹where he or she lives;
🔹what he or she usually does;
🔹what he or she never does;
🔹why you like the character.

Write about the character from a film or a cartoon. Use the plan above

Советы по написанию задания

  1. Прочитайте внимательно задание и/или вопросы
  2. Составьте план того, о чем хотите написать
  3. Напишите текст по составленному плану
  4. Перечитайте текст перед отправкой на проверку
  5. Изучите правила и посмотрите пример здесь.
  6. Воспользуйтесь программой Grammarly, которая поможет избежать опечаток и исправит некоторые ошибки.

1. cartoon
2. film
3. fairy tale
4. magician
5. hero
6. evil
7. kind
8. magic trick
9. discover
10. win

1. always
2. usually
3. often
4. sometimes
5. hardly ever
6. never
7. once
8. twice

Урок Homework Курс
  • Do you know them?
  • Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
  • Meet Charlie
  • Who are the other children?
  • Augustus Gloop
  • She always wins
  • Veruca Salt
  • Mike Teevee
  • Violet the winner
  • A letter to Willy Wonka
  • What I can do
  • The heroes
  • Wonka's welcome song
  • How often do they do it?
  • Your favourite character
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  5. 5. Teens|Grammar activating|El|5. The place where you live
  6. 6. Teens|Grammar activating|El|6. My dream room
  7. 7. Teens|Grammar activating|El|7. It’s time for lunch!
  8. 8. Teens|Grammar activating|El|8. Shopping for food
  9. 9. Teens|Grammar activating|El|9. Let's cook
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