Grammar Video|Pre-Int|14. Uses of the infinitive

Uses of the infinitive


«To» is a short word, but it can express a lot

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Do you want to learn how to make soap at home?

It’s really easy to make it if you have the right ingredients. You need to find olive oil, palm oil, shea butter, some water and sodium hydroxide. Add lemon oil to make the soap scented. Use safety equipment and try not to touch anything without gloves.


Infinitive (the basic verb form)
+ I want to visit my niece.

«to visit» = positive form

He tries not to miss classes.

«not to miss» = negative form


🔹After adjectives

It’s easy to make soap at home.

It’ll be nice to meet new people at the party.

🔹To say why you do something

Add lemon oil to make the soap scented.

Mike needs some money to buy a new phone.

🔹After certain verbs which have to be memorised:

want to

need to

would like to

decide to

forget to

help to

remember to

try to

learn to

be able to

hope to

offer to

plan to

pretend to

promise to

start to

I decided not to stay at this hotel.

He promised to help me out.

*start can be used with both the infinitive and Ving with no real difference in meaning

Give the correct infinitive form of these verbs (do not use ‘to’ and do not capitalize the verbs)

Click on the words to build sentences

Make a new sentence using the verb in brackets

Read and mark the sentences as correct or incorrect

Complete the sentences with the following verbs

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