Grammar Video|Pre-Int|15. Verb + ing

Verb + «-ing»


Do you enjoy learning English? Do you mind learning all the words and rules?


I don’t mind helping my family with chores, but I really dislike washing the dishes.

Spending our holidays together was the best idea we’ve ever had.

I’m not very good at skiing. It’s hard to ski without training first.


Gerund = V+ing

I am interested in collecting coins.


Gerund (as a subject) + verb Verb/adjective + preposition + gerund Verb + gerund
Knitting is Alice’s favourite hobby. I am interested in collecting coins. Jack gave up playing tennis years ago.




feel like


go on


spend time

can’t help

can’t stand

(don’t) mind

Some verbs can be followed by both gerund and infinitive without change in meaning.

hate I hate waiting in queues.

I hate to wait in queues.

like Sam likes watching football.

Sam likes to watch football.

love Ally loves cooking for her family.

Ally loves to cook for her family.

start I started collecting coins last year.

I started to collect coins last year.



We stopped to read the advertisement. (Reading is the reason for us to stop what we were doing).


We stopped reading the advertisement and continued our journey. (Reading is the action we stopped).

Choose the correct preposition from the hints and fill in the verb in brackets as a Gerund into the appropriate gap

Put in the verbs in brackets in the Gerund or the to-infinitive

Choose the correct form (infinitive with or without to or gerund)

Complete the following article with gerund or toinfinitive forms of the indicated verbs

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