Grammar Video|Pre-Int|16. Present Simple

Present Simple


A very simple form to describe regular actions

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Lucas Jones is a 44-year-old miner. He leaves his house at 5.30 to go to work. His wife makes his lunch. He works for 8 hours. He doesn’t go to the surface to have lunch. Miners have their meals in the mine.


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I — you — we — they he — she — it
+ V1

We work from 9 to 4.


Tom works online.

don’t V1

We don’t work from 9 to 4.

doesn’t V1

Tom doesn’t work online.

? Do …?

Do you work from 9 to 4?

+ Yes, I do.

— No, I don’t.

Does …?

Does Tom work online?

+ Yes, he does.

— No, he doesn’t.


1. Add -es if the word ends in -sh, -s, -ch, -x, -z (finishes)

2. In verbs ending in a consonant + -y, change -y into -ies (cries)


Present Simple is used:

to describe everyday habits or repeated actions He usually leaves for work at 5.30.

We don’t eat breakfast.

to talk about present facts Birds don’t laugh.

They make windows from glass.

with the time markers always, regularly, often

I always get up at 8 am.

every day, once a week, twice a month

He plays tennis twice a month.


Choose the correct option for each sentence

Complete the sentences using the verbs from the box

Complete the text with the Present Simple form of the verbs in brackets

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