Grammar Video|Pre-Int|21. Be going to

Going to and Present Continuous


Find out how to talk about your personal future plans

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Thomas: Hi, Rose! I’m in town. What are you doing on Friday evening? Can we meet up?

Rose: Hey! I am having dinner with my parents at 7. How about 9 p.m.?

Thomas: 9 o’clock is fine.

Rose: Deal! When are you leaving?

Thomas: I‘m going to leave next week.


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pic2_Grammar Video|Pre-Int|L21


be going to

I am going to + V1







Present Continuous

I am + Ving








🔹Use be going to for a plan made in the past before the moment of speaking

They are going to travel to the USA. (not a firm plan)

He isn’t going to come to the party.

🔹Use Present Continuous for a personal arrangement with fixed time and/or place

What are you doing on Friday evening? (a firm plan)

I am flying to Lisbon in July.


Complete the e-mail with following verbs and «going to»

Make questions with the verbs in brackets. Use «going to»

Use these jumbled words to make negative questions

Use the words in brackets and «going to» to do the following:

1. Complete the question.

2. Correct the wrong information.

3. Write the correct answer.


(you |have) ……….. a new car?

(we | not buy) ………… a new car.

(we | look for | a used car) …………. a used car.

Are you going to have a new car?

We aren’t going to buy a new car.

We are going to look for a used car.

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