Grammar Video|Pre-Int|22. Will

Will (for predictions)


We don’t use «will» to talk about personal plans



Do you ever think about the future? I think solar panels will be cheaper. People will land on Mars. I don’t think there will be flying cars. We will eat less meat.


+ Subject + will + V1
Subject + will not/won’t + V1
? Will + subject + V1?


🔹To make a prediction based on an opinion

We will eat less meat.

The team won’t win.

🔹Use will/won’t with the following expressions:

I think … will (I think solar panels will be cheaper.)

I don’t think … will (I don’t think he’ll come.)

I hope (I hope they’ll call us.)

Probably (She will probably send you an email.)

Perhaps (Perhaps it will rain tomorrow.)

Will (for promises, offers and decisions)


«Will» is a surprising word. It has three more meanings!



A: Waiter! The spoon isn’t clean.

B: Sorry, I‘ll bring you another one.


A: I don’t feel good.

B: Shall I get you some water?


A: Please, don’t tell my relatives about what happened.

B: All right, I won’t tell anyone.


+ Subject + will + V1
Subject + will not/won’t + V1
? Will + subject + V1?

Shall* + I/we + V1?

*Use Shall I/we …? only to offer to do something


🔹To express an instant decision

The spoon isn’t clean. — I‘ll bring another one.

I don’t have money on me. — I’ll lend you some.

🔹To make an offer

Shall we take a break? = Let’s take a break.

It’s cold here. — I’ll close the window. = Shall I close the window?

🔹To make a promise

I won’t tell anyone.

We will email you next week.

Complete the sentences with the correct form of «will»

Complete the sentences. Use the correct form of «will» and the verb in hints

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