Grammar Video|Pre-Int|24. Quantifiers

Quantifiers (Too, Too Much, Too Many, Enough, a Little, a Few)


I don’t like the weather in London. There’s too much rain and not enough sun. It’s also not warm enough for me, and it’s too windy.

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Alex tried three hats at the store. The green hat was too big, the red one wasn’t big enough. The blue hat was big enough and cheap enough, so Alex bought it.

I have too much work today. There are too many tasks and not enough time.


With countable nouns With uncountable nouns

Too many


A few


Too much

A bit of

A little

A lot of

Lots of



(not) enough

A lot of

Lots of



(not) enough

🔹Too + adjective / adverb

This tea is too hot.

🔹(not) + adjective / adverb + enough

I’ve waited long enough.

The Christmas tree isn’t tall enough.


🔹Use too much / too many + noun to say «more than necessary»

Our son has too many toys. Let’s sell some of them.

You added too much salt to this soup. We can’t eat it.

🔹Use enough + noun to say «just the right amount»

I have enough money to buy a new laptop.

We baked enough cakes for all the guests at the party.

🔹Use negative verb + enough + noun to say «less than necessary»

There aren’t enough seats in the room for everyone.

We didn’t have enough time to finish the test.

🔹Use too + adjective / adverb to say «more than necessary»

The coffee is too hot. Don’t drink it too fast.

Your handwriting is too messy because you’re writing too quickly.

🔹Use adjective / adverb + enough to say «just the right amount»

He plays well enough to win the championship.

This house is cheap enough for Mary to buy.

🔹Use negative verb + adjective / adverb + enough to say «less than necessary»

You woke the baby! You didn’t talk quietly enough.

I can’t read this book. It’s not interesting enough.

Complete the sentences with too, too much, too many, enough

Choose the correct option

Write the correct quantifier (too, too much, too many, enough, a little, a few)

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