Grammar Video|Pre-Int|25. Something, anything, nothing, etc.

Something, Anything, Nothing, etc.


There’s nothing interesting on TV, so I’m going to read something. Are you doing anything interesting tonight?

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Ann needed to find something to wear to her date with Paul. But she couldn’t find anything suitable in her closet. There was nothing that could fit her. She had to buy something new.

Nobody came to Jeff’s party because he didn’t tell anyone the date of the party.



Some / any / no + body / one

I saw somebody on the roof.

Do you know anyone famous?


Some / any / no + thing

She didn’t buy anything. There is nothing to eat.


Some / any / no + where

Have you seen my keys anywhere?

I want to go somewhere warm.


🔹Use words with some in positive sentences to talk about non-specific things, people, etc.

I’d like something to drink, please.

Someone is at the door.

🔹Use words with any in negative sentences and questions to talk about non-specific things, people, etc.

Has anybody seen my keys?

I can’t find my dog anywhere.

🔹Not + anyone / anybody / anything, etc = no one / nobody / nothing, etc.

There is nothing to do in this town.

I have nobody to talk to.

! Negative verb + anything / anybody = Positive verb + nothing / nobody

I didn’t hear anything = I heard nothing

I don’t know anyone in this town. = I know no one in this town.

Complete the sentences with somebody, anybody or nobody

Complete the sentences with something, anything or nothing

Complete the sentences with somewhere, anywhere or nowhere

Fill the gaps with somebody, anybody, nobody, something, anything and nothing

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