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Sweet, valuable, polite — which word is the shortest?

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A: Let’s play a quick question game! Who is the tallest person in your family?

B: My brother is the tallest.

A: What is the most interesting film you’ve ever seen?

B: The Green Mile.

A: Where can I get the best coffee in your hometown?

B: In the coffee house called «Black».

A: What is the most beautiful place you’ve ever been to?

B: The church in the mountains.


Short words small — smaller — the smallest

great — greater — the greatest

pretty — prettier — the prettiest

Long words important — more important — the most important

boring — more boring — the most boring

stressful — more stressful — the most stressful

Irregular forms good — better — the best

bad — worse — the worst

much — more — the most

little — less — the least

far — further/farther — the furthest/the farthest


— Mind doubled letters: bigger — the biggest

— Change -y into -i: easy — easier — the easiest


🔹Use superlatives to express the highest degree of a word. It can go with «in»in the world/ in life/ in my family

My brother is the tallest person in the family.

My phone is the most valuable thing in life.

🔹Use superlatives with have/has ever + V3/ed

What is the most interesting film you‘ve ever seen?

It’s the most beautiful picture I‘ve ever seen.

She is the kindest person I‘ve ever known.

Choose the correct comparative and superlative adjective and adverbs to complete the sentences

Write the correct superlative adjective or adverb to complete the sentences

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