Grammar Video|Pre-Int|28. First Conditional

First Conditional


If I take the short road, I will get there quicker. But it will be less dangerous if I take the long road.


If I take the bus to the cinema, I will be late. If I’m late, Alice will get angry. And if Alice gets angry, the evening will be ruined! I’ll get a taxi.




Main part


If + subject + present tense, subject + future simple

If I have time, I will help you.

If Mark eats more healthy food, he will lose some weight.

! You can use be going to/might/may/can/etc. instead of will

If you don’t hurry, we’re going to miss the plane.

If you ask Jane, she can help you.

If we call a taxi, we might get there sooner.

! The order of the parts does not matter. But if we put the condition first, we separate it with a comma.

If the weather is nice, we’ll go to the beach. = We’ll go to the beach if the weather is nice.


🔹Use it to talk about possible situations in the future.

If I get this job, I will be very happy.

If it rains tomorrow, Jack will take a taxi to work.

I will be very angry if Steven doesn’t call me.

🔹If or When?

If I go shopping, I will buy you a new pen. (I’m not sure I’ll go shopping) = Condition

When I go shopping, I will buy you a new pen. (I will definitely go shopping) = Time when it will happen

🔹You can use Imperative in the main part to give orders and instructions.

Call me if you need anything.

If you see a bag on the street, don’t touch it!

Rewrite the sentences and use the first conditional. Keep the same meaning

Complete the sentences with the verbs in brackets

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