Grammar Video|Pre-Int|29. Second Conditional

Second Conditional


If you could travel to any time in history, where would you go?

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Dan wants a new laptop to play video games, but he doesn’t have much money. If he had more money, he would buy a new laptop. He would have more money if he worked harder. But if he worked harder, he wouldn’t have time to play video games. And if he didn’t play video games, he wouldn’t need a new laptop.




Main part


If + subject + Past Simple, subject + would + infinitive

If I had a million dollars, I would give it all to charity.

If Andy wasn’t so busy, he would spend more time travelling.

! You can use might/could instead of would.

If you weren’t busy, we could watch a film.

If you told Jane about your problem, she might be able to help you.

! The order of the parts does not matter. But if the condition goes first, we separate it with a comma.

If I had time today, I would go to the museum. = I would go to the museum if I had the time today.


🔹Use it to talk about unlikely or imaginary situations in the present or the future.

If John didn’t have three children, he wouldn’t be so tired all the time.

If Sally worked harder, she would become a Managing Director.

🔹Use «If I were you» to give advice.

If I were you, I would try to get along with your boss.

I wouldn’t eat that If I were you.

Use the words in brackets to complete the sentences with the second conditional forms

There is one mistake in each sentence. Find it and correct it. Keep the short or long forms

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