Grammar Video|Pre-Int|30. Past Perfect Simple

Past Perfect


When we came home from the holidays, we discovered that someone had broken into our house!

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I washed the floor when the painter had left.

Jane went to lunch after she had finished her work.

Irene had never tasted sushi before her trip to Japan.


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+ Subject + had + V3 (Ved)

When we arrived at the cinema, the film had already started.

— Subject + hadn’t + V3 (Ved)

I hadn’t seen a live elephant before our trip to Africa.

? Had + subject + V3 (Ved)

Had you checked your bag before you left home?


🔹Use Past Perfect for past situations that happened before another time in the past.

I found some of Terry’s things even after he had moved out.

🔹Use Past Perfect for states that continued up to a certain moment in the past.

I had never heard of country music before Mike played it for me.

Sue looked terrible. She hadn’t washed or brushed her hair for weeks!

Join the sentences with expressions in brackets

Mark is telling his sister Eve about his friend’s garden party. Use the words from the box to complete their conversation

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