Grammar Video|Pre-Int|4. Questions With and Without Auxiliaries

Subject Questions


Questions can be built in 2 different ways


Can you answer these questions?

Why do some people learn faster than others?

When did you have your first English class?

Who taught you how to write?

Which subject made you stressed?


Special questions Question to the subject General questions
Question word + Auxiliary verb + Subject + Main Verb Question word + Main verb Auxiliary verb + Subject + Main Verb
When did you buy this dress? Who works at the hospital? Do you like chocolate?


🔹Add do/does/did before the subject in the question when you ask about details (special information)
When did you have your first English class?
Where does he find interesting books?
What are you reading?
— A book.

🔹Keep the main verb only (without do/does/did) if there’s no subject in the question except for wh-words (who/what/which) Who — for people, What — for things
Who taught you how to write?
— My mom did.

Who knows more about old cars?
— Mike does.

🔹Start your Yes/No question with an auxiliary verb when you ask about general information
Do you speak Chinese?
— Yes, I do. / No, I don’t.

Make questions with who or what


1. Somebody hit me.

2. I hit somebody.

Who hit you?

Who did you hit?

Put the words in the correct order and make questions

Choose the correct questions using the following prompts. You should ask a question about the word highlighted


Complete the following sentences using do, does or did

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