Grammar Video|Pre-Int|19. Past Continuous

Past Continuous


Learn to tell stories using this tense

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A short moral story

It was 1 p.m. A fisherman was sitting at the lake. A boy was playing next to him and suddenly he asked «Why are you doing nothing?» The fisherman answered «I was reading when you came«. The child said «But you can catch more fish». «Why would I catch more than I need?» asked the fisherman.


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be (past) + V+ing

+ I




was + V + ing You



were + V + ing




was not/ wasn’t + V+ing You



were not/weren’t + V + ing
? Was he

she + V + ing?


Were you

they + V + ing?



🔹To describe an action that was in progress at a particular time in the past

He was sitting at the lake.

I was walking yesterday at 8 p.m.

🔹To talk about a past action which was interrupted by another past activity

(Past Continuous + Past Simple)

I was reading a newspaper when you came.

When my dad called us, we were talking about the party.

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🔹To describe two past actions which were happening at the same time

(Past Continuous + Past Continuous)

The boy was playing while the man was reading.

She was having lunch when her son was sleeping.

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Complete the sentences using the correct form of the verbs (Past Continuous or Past Simple)

Read the story and fill the gaps using Past Continuous and Past Simple

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