Grammar Video|Pre-Int|17. Past Simple

Past Simple


It’s a simple form to talk about past actions


One man wanted to climb Mont Blanc, the mountain in the Alps, but he didn’t get to the top. He decided to give money to anyone who could do it. In 1786 two men, Balmat and Paccard, reached the top and won the money.


Past Simple table_1


regular verbs

irregular verbs

to be

+ V + ed V2 I/he/she/it was

you/we/they were

did not (didn’t) + V1 did not (didn’t) + V1 was not (wasn’t)

were not (weren’t)

? Did … + V1? Did … + V1? Was/Were…?


• There are 2 types of past simple verbs — regular and irregular. Regular verbs take -ed, irregular verbs have to be learnt.

• Use was/were when there is no verb of the first form (V1), e.g. They were not at the seaside.


🔹To talk about finished actions in the past

He decided to give money to another climber. (regular verb)

They won the money. (irregular verb)

Did you take the computer back to the shop last week?

I didn’t read this book at school.

V1 (Present)

V2 (Past)

V3 (Perfect)

be was/were been
can could could
begin began begun
become became become
come came come
do did done
eat ate eaten
find found found
feel felt felt
give gave given
get got got/gotten
go went gone
hear heard heard
have had had
know knew known
let let let
make made made
put put put
say said said
see saw seen
spend spent spent
take took taken
tell told told
think thought thought


Write the Past Simple form of these verbs

Complete the sentences with the Past Simple of the verbs in brackets

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