Grammar video|Pre-Int|1. May or Might

May or Might and Infinitive (Possibility)


This rule may be a bit hard. Or it might be very easy. Let’s find out!

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What are you going to do tomorrow, Tom? — I don’t know. I might watch a film. I might play tennis. I’ll decide tomorrow.

Rebecca feels very sick this morning. She might not go to work today because she may be ill.


+ May/might + bare infinitive

Take an umbrella, it may rain today.
Sue might call me this evening.

— May/might + not + bare infinitive

Alex might not come to my birthday party.
Susan may not be at home right now.

! Unlike many modal verbs, may and might don’t form short versions with «not».

May + not ➞ mayn’t

Might + not ➞ mightn’t


• Use may/might to talk about present and future possibilities:
Our family might go to France for holidays, so we may not be able to come to your party.

Alice may be in a traffic jam. That’s why she’s late.

May shows a slightly higher degree of certainty than might.

Do the tasks

Complete the sentences. Use may/might


  • May or Might
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