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Complete the groups of questions 1-5 below with a verb. Ask and answer the questions


Listen and repeat the Free time questions. What words are stressed?

1. Free time

a) What kind of music do you listen to?

b) Do you play a musical instrument?

c) Do you watch TV?

d) Do you do any sport or exercise?

e) What books or magazines do you read?

Complete the sentences so they are True for you


Listen and fill the gaps

Jim Springer Jim Lewis

Jim Springer: Hi! I’m Jim.

Jim Lewis: So am I. Great to meet you. Are you married, Jim?

Jim Springer: Yes… well. I’ve been married twice.

Jim Lewis: Yeah? So have I. Do you have any children?

Jim Springer: I have one son.

Jim Lewis: So do I. What’s his name?

Jim Springer: James.

Jim Lewis: That’s amazing! My son’s name is James too.

Jim Springer: Did you go to university, Jim?

Jim Lewis: No, I didn’t.

Jim Springer: Neither did I. I was a terrible student.

Jim Lewis: So was I. What do you like doing in your free time, Jim?

Jim Springer: I like making things, especially with wood.

Jim Lewis: That’s incredible! So do I.

Jim Springer: But I don’t do any exercise at all. Look at me.

Jim Lewis: Don’t worry. Neither do I.

Jim Springer: Do you smoke?

Jim Lewis: Yes. I smoke Salem cigarettes.

Jim Springer: So do I! What car do you have?

Jim Lewis: A Chevrolet.

Jim Springer: Me too! Let’s go and have a drink. What beer do you drink?

Jim Lewis: Miller Lite.

Jim Springer: So do I!

  • Getting to know each other
  • True for me and for you
  • Twins have a lot in common