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This is a game. We ask each other questions . You start first. Spin the wheel with questions

Circle all the words which refer to meals, cooking, tastes, the names of food, or drinks

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We are going to watch a video about cooking a delicious dish, but first let’s see if you know these words that you will hear there.

1. tablespoon

2. teaspoon

3. whisk

4. spread

5. flip over

6. put

7. frying pan

8. sear

Watch the video and choose ingredients used in the recipe

We’re going to start by making a sauce. I’m going to start with two tablespoons of melted butter. I’m going to add in two tablespoons of honey. Then, two teaspoons of soy sauce, a quarter teaspoon of pepper, two cloves of crushed garlic, and then half of a juiced lemon, which is about two tablespoons, and whisk this all together.

Then, we’re just going to take this little sauce and brush it right on our fish. Now, once it is seared, I’m going to reduce the heat to low and let it cook for an additional 2—3 minutes per side until it flakes easily with a fork.

That’s it! Cooking great fish is super easy, and it’s good for you, too!



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Correct the mistakes where necessary. If there is no mistake in a sentence, write the word from the hint

Camera journalist

Answer the journalists’ questions

1. What kind of dessert did you like in childhood? Do you still like it or has your taste changed?

2. What is the strangest dish you have ever tasted?

3. What’s your opinion on exotic dishes? Would you like to taste frog legs or grilled grasshoppers?

4. What dishes do you enjoy cooking?

5. Would you like to go on a food tour around the world? What cuisine do you prefer?

There are healthy products on the table that you need to label!

At your friend’s birthday party, you heard some guests’ opinions on the meal. Choose the correct words for the given meal descriptions

Read a post where a girl asks for advice on how to lose some weight. Use the correct grammar forms of the phrasal verbs to complete these useful tips

Anna woman

Laptop, write, writing

Advice, laptop, write

You have seen some new phrasal verbs from the posts above. Read the information about phrasal verbs

Phrasal verbs rules

You can see an example of phrasal verbs (go) in the pictures above.

A phrasal verb is a combination of a verb and an adverb or preposition, which together have a particular meaning:


• to go out — to have a romantic relationship with someone

• to go on — to happen

• to go off — to ring loudly or make a loud noise

Label the things you can find in a sushi bar

Visiting a sushi bar abroad can become a real quest if you don’t know the name of common things there. You’re going to deal with specialised vocabulary which can help you. After that, you’re going to watch video tips on how to avoid some common meal mistakes.

Watch the video tips on how to eat some dishes correctly. Mark the statements as True or False

Soy sauce. Don’t fill your soy sauce bowl to the brim! Japanese people recommend pouring in just a bit of it and adding more when you feel the need.

Ginger. Most of us like placing pieces of ginger directly on our sushi or sushi rolls before eating them, but ginger is in fact supposed to be eaten separately from your food, and only during breaks in-between dishes. It helps refresh your mouth and bring out the taste of the dish you just ate.

Wasabi. Heeey, wassup, wasabi?



Fans of spicy food love putting a huge dollop of wasabi on their sushi rolls. But too much wasabi robs this delicious Japanese dish of its exquisite taste! Add just a bit of wasabi to your soy sauce and mix it in. Another way to spice up your life is to spread a thin layer of wasabi on your sushi or rolls.

Sashimi. The golden rule with Japanese cuisine is that you should always use chopsticks or your hands—never use a fork! So, to eat sashimi correctly, pick up a piece with your chopsticks and dip only one side of it in soy sauce. Don’t drown the whole piece and don’t take bites off of the fish. You should put it in your mouth whole—like this.

Sushi. Again, using your chopsticks, flip a piece of sushi onto its side, then position your chopsticks so that one of them covers the fish side and the other—the side with rice. Once you’ve managed to do that, dip the sushi in soy sauce. But remember, the sauce should get solely on the fish. According to the Japanese, this is the only way to feel the real taste of this dish.

Sushi rolls. Use your chopsticks or hands to pick up a roll and dip just the edge of it in soy sauce. Never put it in a bowl and don’t cover both sides of the roll in sauce.


Congratulations! You have done your first homework from SmartMe!

We hope you have learnt some useful phrases and tips which can help you feel more confident if you have a meal abroad.

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