Intro|Pre-Intermediate|Intro lesson travel quest

Choose and click on a ticket



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Choose 5 items that are really good to take on a holiday

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Do a test to receive your boarding pass

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Watch the video and get the tips for quick security check

Have your ID ready. That means actually in your hand. Not your pocket, not your wallet. And if it’s a passport, have it already open on your ID page. Do the officer a favour. And another thing. When you hand your documents to your officer, take off your hat and glasses. They need to take a look at your face. Number two! Have your laptop handy. Don’t stick your computer down the black hole of your overpacked suitcase. No-no-no. That’s why I like carry-ons with a zipper on the front. It makes taking my computer out and putting it back in a total breeze.
Liquids. Pack them wisely. All of your containers must fit into one clear quart-sized bag. And this is what that looks like. You can fill out your quart-sized bag with as many containers as you want, as long as each container has less than 3.4 fl. oz. So this is what you’re going to do. You’re going to grab your toiletry bag from your suitcase, you’re going to put it in the bin with your shoes and any other loose items, and you’re all set.

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Answer the officer’s questions. Useful phrases in the box can help you

• I’m going to …

• I’m planning to stay …

• I have … in my suitcase.

• I’ve never been to …

• I enjoy + Ving (e.g. I enjoy sailing.)

  1. What is your final destination?
  2. How long are you going to stay there?
  3. What are you going to do there?
  4. What is in your suitcase?
  5. Have you ever been to ideal holiday places?
  6. What is an ideal place and time for your dream holiday?
  7. How do you enjoy spending time on your holiday?

Click on the hotspot «+»

Congratulations! You’ve completed this quest, got on your plane and started your journey!

You’re going to do homework which consists of 4 steps. They will help you know some useful words for travelling and tips on how to get prepared for your journey.

Before going on your holiday you should pack these things. Label the objects in your suitcase

You should be able to recognize these holiday items when people speak about them. Listen and complete the sentences with words

These pictures seem to be strange but they will be in the video after. Let’s deal with new words from the video before watching it. Label these items

Watch the video and match items and ways of using them according to the video

Today, I’m working together with my sponsors—Holiday Inn Express—to show you some of my favorite traveling hacks. If you’re packing shoes, you can wrap them in a shower cap. This will help stop your clothes from getting dirty. And, if you like, you can drop a couple of tea bags inside to keep them smelling fresh. A hoodie doubles up as a great laptop protector—place your laptop in the middle and fold it over like this, tuck it all inside the hood and cross the arms over. This should fit neatly inside your case and keep your laptop well-protected. If you’re packing for a quick overnight stay, you can fold some underwear in a T-shirt like this, lay some socks on top and roll it all up. Then, fold your socks over and tuck it all in to make a neat little self-contained clothes bundle, which will fit straight into your shoulder bag and is perfect for an overnight stay. If you’re traveling by train and want to watch something on your phone, you can slip it inside a sandwich bag, make a hole to plug your headphones in and fix it to the seat in front. But if you haven’t got a sandwich bag, you can take your sunglasses and use them as a makeshift phone stand. And to give you a bit more comfort, you can roll up your hoodie, tuck it all into the hood to make yourself a nice soft pillow. When you arrive at your hotel, you can use your phone to photograph the room number, so you don’t forget where you’re staying. And if your phone is running low on battery, but you haven’t got much time to charge it, you can switch it on to flight mode. Not only does this mean your battery will last longer, but it’ll also charge quicker, too! If you’re going out and about, and want to conceal some money, you can keep some rolled up in an empty lip balm tube. This keeps it well hidden and gives you an emergency supply, should you need it.

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Congratulations! You have done your first homework from SmartMe!

We hope you have known some useful phrases and travel tips which can help you feel more confident when you go abroad on your holiday.

  • Let’s get it started!
  • Let’s pack it
  • Travel class
  • Getting through security check
  • A customs officer
  • Finally!
  • Important items
  • Packing tips
  • Adventure tips
  • A major achievement