Lego|Grammar|Pre-Int|10. Such and so

Look at the sentences. Can you guess which word is missing in the first one — so or such?


Read the rules

so + an adjective or adverb She is so pretty. (adjective)

John can run so quickly. (adverb)

such + an adjective and noun or just a noun Anna is such a pretty girl. (an adjective and noun)

You are such a doll! (a noun)


1. When you use such with a singular countable noun remember to use the indefinite article a (an):

This is such a lovely evening!

He is such an intelligent man!

2. Use so + many (much) / few (little) + noun:

Jenny has got so many dresses.

I have so much work and so little time.

Select so, such or such a


Transform these sentences into sentences with such

Read the information carefully

It’s very common in English to use the words «so» and «such» in the sentences with «that».

pic4_Grammar act|El|L22


so, such … that

In this construction «so» and «such» intensify the meaning of an adjective, an adverb («so») or a noun phrase («such»), and «that» shows the effect or result.

1. So + adjective/adverb + that:

The music is so loud that I can’t sleep.

She spoke so quickly that I couldn’t understand her.

2. Such + (adjective) + noun + that:

Don has such a big house that I actually got lost on the way to the bathroom.

She is such a genius that they immediately gave her a position at the university.

Put «so», «such» and «that» into the correct gaps

React to your teacher’s statements using sentences with so/such. Use these introductory phrases to show that you are surprised:


I can’t believe it

It’s impossible


Are you joking?

It can’t be true


Teacher | You

T: Rachel didn’t get a promotion.

Y: I can’t believe it. She is so smart.

T: Ben has lots of friends.

Y: It’s impossible. He is such a boring person that nobody wants to communicate with him.

1. Brad and Anna broke up yesterday.

2. Julia was fired last week.

3. Victoria is on a strict diet now.

4. Charlie has 5 children.

5. Bridgit works as a police officer.

6. Victor lived in London for 2 years.

7. Becky has found the second job.

1. Really? They were such a sweet couple.

2. I can’t believe it. She is so hard-working that she can cope with any task.

3. It can’t be true. She is so thin.

4. Really? He is such a young man that it’s hard to believe he’s even married.

5. It’s impossible. She is so tiny.

6. I can’t believe it. His English is so bad that he can’t say a simple phrase without making a mistake.

7. Are you joking? She is such a lazy person.

Fill in the gaps with so or such

Travel, sea, beach

Read the sentences below and choose the correct option

Choose 5 words to complete each sentence


Change the structure of the sentences, the meaning must be the same. Use so, such or such a

  • So, such presentation
  • So, such practice
  • So, such … that
  • I can't believe it
  • So, such (a) + that
  • More so/such

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