Lego|Grammar|Pre-Int|11. Other — another

Today we are going to practise using other and another.


Read the rules

Other is an adjective meaning «different».

Other can be used with singular uncountable or plural nouns.

e.g. Some music calms people; other music has the opposite effect. (different types of music)

e.g. Some children learn quickly, but other children need more time.

You can also use other with countable nouns, but you need another determiner before it.

e.g. I can’t find my other shoe.

e.g. Jeremy is at university; our other son is still at school.

e.g. He got 100% in the final examination. No other student has ever achieved that.

e.g. There’s one other thing we need to discuss before we finish.

The other with a singular noun means the second of two things or people, or «the opposite of a set of two».

e.g. Where are the other two dinner plates? I can only find four. (the remaining things in a set – here six plates)

The other can be used before «one» or «ones» when the meaning is clear from the context.

e.g. I’m not going to wear this dress. I prefer the other one.

e.g. These shoes don’t go well with the dress. The other ones look better.

Other can also be a pronoun to refer to things or people. The plural form is others.

e.g. 80% of the students arrive on time. The others (the other students) are always late.

e.g. There are two cookies left. You have one and I’ll have the other.

e.g. Only half of the guests have arrived. Where are the others?

When we use «an» before «other», we write it as one word: another.

Another expresses quantity. It means «additional» or «one more».

We use another with singular nouns: another chair, another day.

e.g. There are six people for dinner, but there are only 5 plates. We need another plate.

e.g. This cake is delicious. Could I have another slice, please?

Another can be used before a plural noun when that noun is preceded by a number, or words/phrases such as a couple of, few etc.

e.g. The investigation will take another two weeks/couple of weeks.

Another can be used before «one» when the meaning is clear from the preceding text.

e.g. You’ve already had an ice-cream. You can’t have another one.

Another can also mean «an alternative» or «different».

We can use another as a pronoun.

e.g. The text is corrected by one person, then edited by another.

Other has a plural form if used as a pronoun (i.e. when it is not followed by one or any other noun) and another can be used before a plural noun when that noun is preceded by a number, or words/phrases such as a couple of, few, etc.

Complete the following sentences with other, others or another

Writing task, homework

Complete the sentences with the word from the list

You can see two pretty girls. Compare their looks using one and the other

Example: One girl is wearing a knitted sweater. The other ( girl/one) is wearing a yellow dress.

Describe the picture using another, the other or the others

Now let’s talk about quadruplets in the photo. Quadruplets are four children who are born at the same time to the same mother.

Example: One baby is wearing a blue hat. Another baby is wearing a pink hat.


1. What colour are the hats of the other newborns?

2. Do they look the same?

pic4_Lego|Grammar|Pre-Int|L11 1. What are the girls doing?

2. Do they look the same?

pic5_Lego|Grammar|Pre-Int|L11 Look at the girls

1. Do they have the same hairstyle and colour?

2. How different are their dresses?

3. Are they all smiling?

pic6_Lego|Grammar|Pre-Int|L11 Look at this cute «family»

1. Are they all hiding under the raincoat?

2. What is one puppy trying to do?

pic7_Lego|Grammar|Pre-Int|L11 Compare the kittens

1. Is their fur the same colour?

2. What are they doing?

Choose the right option


Find the mistakes in the sentences. Then correct and rewrite them


Can I have other piece of cake?

Can I have another piece of cake?

«The coldest winter I ever spent was a summer in San Francisco.»

— Mark Twain


Read the information and complete the gaps using one, another, the other, the others, others

I decided to come to San Francisco for a visit. It is surprisingly cold here. I packed four coats. Coat 1 is very light; it is for wind. Coat 2 is warmer with a hood and a zipper. I am wearing this a lot. Coat 3 is for rain because it rains here occasionally in the summer! They are for day and Coat 4 is for evening; it is leather. However, even if I wear all of them at once, I am still cold! At home, I have coats 5 and 6. Coat 5 is filled with feathers. It would have been perfect for walking on the beach or in the mountains. Coat 6 is wool and is long enough to cover my legs. Next time, I’ll bring coats 5 and 6.

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