Lego|Grammar|Pre-Int|5. Nouns which are always plural

Match the words to the pictures

Look at the words again and answer these questions

1. What do these words have in common?

2. Can you use them without the «-(e)s» ending?

These are some of the nouns which are used only in the Plural form (with the «-(e)s» ending). On the next slides you’ll learn more nouns which are similar to these.

Match these clothes items to the pictures

Tights [taɪts] — a piece of women’s clothing made of very thin material that fits closely over the legs.

The plural nouns below are never used with the article «a/an», because «a/an» is used only with Countable nouns in the Singular form.


These nouns are often used with the expression «a pair of», as they refer to things made up of two parts:

a pair of trousers

a pair of jeans

This expression can be used with other Plural Uncountable nouns as well:

a pair of scissors

a pair of glasses


If you use the phrase «a pair of», you need to use a Singular verb after it:

This pair of jeans is too big for me.

Choose the correct words

Matсh the words to their meanings

Here you can see other English nouns which are used only in the Plural form. First, let’s learn how to pronounce them. Repeat:

outskirts [‘autskɜːts]

surroundings [sə’raundɪŋz]

belongings [bɪ’lɔŋɪŋz]

headquarters [ˌhed’kwɔːtəz]

earnings [‘ɜːnɪŋz]


Complete the phrases. Then listen and check repeating after the recording

Agree or disagree with the following statements

1. It’s better to live on the outskirts than in the center of a big city.

2. «Your actions are your only true belongings.» (Allan Lokos, the founder of a meditation center, NY)

3. A smart person needs to always save a part of earnings for a rainy day (time of trouble).

Answer the questions

1. Do you have good headphones? What do you mostly use them for? (talking on Skype, listening to music, etc.)

2. How many pairs of jeans do you have? Describe your favourite ones.

3. How do you usually buy electrical goods — online or at the electronics store?

4. What do you usually do with the clothes you don’t need?

Match the words to the pictures

Click on one extra word in every line. Use your dictionary to check if the words are Countable or not


shoes / headphones / scissors / sunglasses

Mark the correct category of each word



Some of the Uncountable Plural Nouns can be used with the phrase «a pair of», because they are made up of two identical parts: a pair of jeans, a pair of glasses etc.

Read Emma’s letter and click on the mistakes. Then read the correct variant and check yourself

Dear Mary,

I’m sorry I couldn’t write to you earlier. I have been really busy as I’m trying to increase my earnings. I’m planning to travel to New Zealand soon and I need to buy a new clothes for my trip. I need a pair of jeans, some shorts and tights.

Every day I work for about 10 hours. In addition, I lose a lot of time commuting to work because I live on the outskirts and my company’s headquarters is located in the city center. By the way, my boyfriend has given me a new pair of headphones as a B-day present so now we can easily talk on Skype. Call me when you have time.



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