Lego|Grammar|Pre-Int|9. Adjectives and adverbs

Before the lesson, think about the following questions

Questions for thinking

Do you know any pop songs that have become symbols of their countries?

Do you know any song with an interesting story behind it?

Read the grammar rules



I walk quietly, talk politely and run fast. What about you?

Walk, go


• Listen carefully!

• I went to bed early yesterday and slept well.

• Our team played well last week.


Adjective + -ly quick → quickly

quiet → quietly

sudden → suddenly

Adjective ending in -y: -y => -i + -ly heavy → heavily

easy → easily

noisy → noisily

Some adjectives don’t change fast → fast

late → late

early → early

Irregular good → well

🔹Hard or Hardly?

Hard = with energy or effort: Hugo works very hard. (He works a lot and with a lot of effort.)

Hardly = almost never: Lea hardly works at all! (She almost never works.)


Use them to say how somebody does something or how something happens.

🔹Please, talk slowly. I can’t understand you.

🔹I know the words of the song perfectly.

Enjoy the song, paying attention to the words in bold

What things or images do you associate with Brazil? We are going to listen to a Brazilian song which became one of the symbols of this country. It was originally composed in Portuguese but was then translated into English and sung by Frank Sinatra.

tan — having darker skin after spending time in the sun

swing, sway — to move rhythmically from side to side

Tall and tan and young and lovely The girl from Ipanema goes walking and When she passes, each one she passes goes «Aah!» When she walks, she’s like a samba That swings so cool and sways so gently that When she passes, each one she passes goes «Ooh!» But I watch her so sadly How can I tell her I love her? Yes, I would give my heart gladly But each day, when she walks to the sea She looks straight ahead, not at me Tall and tan and young and lovely The girl from Ipanema goes walking and When she passes, I smile But she doesn’t see …

Complete the sentences according to the lyrics of the song

We are going to learn how to use adjectives and adverbs correctly, and we will also learn the history of a famous song.

Complete each sentence with the correct word

Do you recognise the woman in the photo? What do you know about her?

Let’s do the exercise and find out how she is connected to the song you have heard earlier in the lesson.

She is Gisele Bündchen. She is the most famous Brazilian photo model.


Complete the sentences with «good» or «well»

«Good» is an adjective and is used before nouns. «Well» is an adverb and is used after verbs.

✔️ Liz is a good dancer. Liz dances well.

Read the story behind the song Girl from Ipanema and write the correct words in the gaps


Answer the questions to compare the two photos of Helô Pinheiro

Here you can see two photos of Helô Pinheiro — 50 years ago and now. Let’s compare them.

• pretty
• to look young/good for one’s age
• shy
• confident/confidently
• elegant/elegantly
• stylish/stylishly
• quiet/quietly
• loud/loudly
• happy/happily

1. Can you describe her appearance in the 1960s?

2. Can you describe her appearance now?

3. How did she dress earlier?

4. How does she dress now?

5. How do you think she behaved earlier?

6. How do you think she behaves now?

Choose the correct word


Read the true story and complete it with the words from the box

Make adverbs from adjectives to complete the sentences


  • Warm up
  • Study the grammar
  • Girl from Ipanema
  • National symbols
  • Now and then
  • Making descriptions
  • Rio

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