Meetings|Pre-Int|1. Introduction to meetings

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visual aids






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Imagine it’s a typical office Monday. You have an ordinary status update meeting. And then one of your colleagues suggests that this week you should have a very big and important meeting.

Before saying «Sure, when?», identify the purpose of the meeting. Ask your colleagues or yourself: what result do you want to see at the end of this meeting? Meeting with no purpose is no different from a coffee break — a lot of talk about nothing.

Okay, you’ve got the purpose. Check!

Now, to the essentials.

Think about this: maybe you can do without a meeting? Maybe an email or an online chat would be enough? People hate meetings that waste time.

Now let’s move on to step 3: decide who you need at a meeting.

Try to invite only the right participants and don’t invite too many of them. People who don’t know why they are there will make it difficult to get results.

Be a man (or a woman) with the plan. Remember to have an agenda: if you don’t have one, the discussion will not be productive.

If you need to address other participants and report anything important, prepare yourself: plan what you’re going say and how you’re going to present it. And don’t forget about visual aids. USEFUL visual aids that support your presentation.

And there you have it. Your meeting preparation checklist. Use it wisely.

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Mmm… meetings… fun, isn’t it?… maybe, just maybe, it all depends on their format?

Just imagine. A weekly meeting. You enter the room, you make yourself comfortable and listen passively to what your boss has to say. I think it happened to everyone at least once. But does it have to be this way?

What about having a flipped meeting? It’s simple. Everyone gets all the necessary information before the meeting and at the meeting there’s more time for actual discussion and problem solving.

And now, how about you add a debate into your meeting? Two people, two different positions. And in the end the viewers or the moderator decide whose speech was the strongest. No more long arguments during meetings. Just imagine!

Finally, what do you think about a nice round of games for your weekly meeting? Why not choose a board game, assign various roles, and let the games begin! Isn’t it great to have fun and cover your agenda at the same time?

Reinvent your meeting experience. It’s much better.

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business, dialogue, conversation

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