Meetings|Pre-Int|2. How to arrange a meeting

Match the phrases and the pictures

Choose the correct option

Watch the video and answer the question

Hey. I’m Ed and I’ll try to help you understand this crazy business English world.

I’ll try not to lecture you, instead I’ll simply tell you about four things that can really mess up any meeting.

Feel so very happy about your Skype meeting with a client in Singapore? Great. Go online on time. At 10am sharp. But don’t be too surprised he’s not there: it may be 10pm for him already!

Some office buildings are are not that easy to enter. Even if you are on the list, the security can be really slow. So, meet in a cafe instead: there are usually no bouncers at their entrance. Or better — come in advance.

So, you come to a meeting room, knock on the door — and you see that your room is already booked. There are several possible solutions:
Sit in the passage, go to a nearby cafe, panic, beat up the guys who hogged your room.

Know this: if you need to use some technical equipment, it will most likely go wrong. Cable won’t work, remote will get lost, projector won’t pair with your computer etc. So, always come prepared; but don’t try too hard.

Watch the video again and order the tips


Read the situations and choose what was wrong

Match the words to make phrases


Read JJ’s story and fill it in with the words below

woman business, office worker

Read the funny definition and choose the correct word


Little time – too many tasks to complete. What will you do? Put your steps in order

Watch the video and choose the best answer

Ed Virginia

Ed: Hi! Can you hear me okay?
Virginia: Yes, I can hear you just fine. What’s up? We have exactly 10 minutes.
Ed: Yeah, I just thought that skyping was the best way to set up a meeting. Look, it seems like we can’t meet the next deadline. We’re almost ready with the website, but it is still too buggy.
Virginia: Okay. Okay. Ed, don’t panic. We do have some time. Can I help you somehow maybe? Let’s meet and discuss everything. How about Friday?
Ed: Ummm, I’m afraid I can’t make Friday: my calendar says I already have 3 meetings this day.
Virginia: Well, it seems urgent. I’m ready to cancel my plans on Thursday. Are you?
Ed: Deal! What time would you like to meet?
Virginia: 10 AM, our office.
Ed: That sounds fine by me. I’ll send you a calendar invite then.
Virginia: Alrighty. See you then.
Ed: OK, see ya. Dear god. How lucky am I.
Virginia: He’s lucky I’m in a good mood.

Watch the video and choose the best options

Put the words in the correct order to make a dialogue


Match the words with the correct pictures

Read the situations and choose the correct word

Complete the two dialogues with the words below

conversation, dialogue, business

  • Small things
  • Bad advice
  • What was wrong
  • Words
  • Always come prepared
  • Deadlines
  • Let’s meet
  • Inviting people
  • A change of plans
  • No, not again!
  • A change of plans
  • No, not again!
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