Meetings|Pre-Int|5. Videoconferencing

Match the phrases and the pictures

Read the text and answer the question

Designer in Seoul, copywriter in Moscow and a project manager in Kyiv. There are examples of successful remote working companies where people see each other only during video calls. Here you will learn how to make the most of online meetings despite the possible problems.

Tech is important

Technical issues can take a lot of time from a meeting. So it is better to check that everyone has the same video calls program installed. And it is updated and running smoothly.

Choose a suitable spot

Café might be an option but only if you know that it won’t have background noise. If you don’t have an office, check out coworking places. There you will be able to book a small soundproof conference room.

Minimise distractions

Participants can get easily distracted by all sorts of notifications and interesting stuff on the internet. So it is best to ask them to turn off all the notifications beforehand. Also a facilitator is usually of great help because it is a person who keeps everyone on track.

Read the text again and match the problems to their solutions

Read the phrases and decide which problem the attendees are dealing with

An attendee /əˌtenˈdiː/ is someone who attends a performance, meeting, speech, etc.

Read Jordan’s tips about a videoconference and complete the sentences


Read the question and choose the best answers


Watch the video and order the events

Virginia Jordan Ed Female voice

Virginia: Where are they? Why is it so hard to be on time?
Jordan: I am here, Virginia.
Virginia: Oh, sorry. We’ll just wait a few minutes for Ed to connect.
Ed: I am here. Sorry for not turning on the video, I don’t feel too good.
Virginia: Ok, Can everyone hear me?
Jordan: Yeah.
Ed: Yeah, sure, sure.
Virginia: Excellent, we are all on. Did everyone get a copy of the agenda?
Jordan: Yeah.
Ed: Yeah.
Virginia: So, according to Jordan, we need to try out that scrum thing everyone keeps talking about. Ed, is everything alright? We can’t hear you.
Ed: Ehm, yes, I just accidentally sat on my remote and turned on the TV.
Female voice: Ed, come on honey, it is your turn to wash the dishes.

Watch the video again and choose the correct options

Complete the dialogue with the phrases learnt in the lesson

pic2_IELTS|Int|Exam: listening and writing

Match the words to the corresponding pictures

Watch the video and match the people with their actions

Jordan Ed Virginia

Jordan: Ok, here are the KPIs for the next quarter. I’m going to share my presentation, you’ll see it on your screens. So, what do you think? Ed? I think you are froze.
Ed: Emm, no, not really. It just seems to be quite unrealistic, Jordan.
Virginia: Hello, can anyone hear me? Oh, I guess I was on mute. As much as I don’t like to acknowledge it, Ed is right. The numbers seem to be a little off. And what is Lydia’s take on this? Did she get cut off at some point?
Ed: No, I am still here but can you please speak up? My earphones don’t work properly today. And Jordan, do you remember that you are still sharing your screen with us? I am not sure it is the right time to check out your Facebook feed. Although that girl seems kind of hot.

Watch the video again and mark the sentences as True or False

Complete the sentences


  • On or off?
  • Be prepared
  • Stay updated
  • What did you say?
  • Video chat
  • Are we all on?
  • Time to start
  • Tech problems
  • Stay online!
  • Meet online
  • Tech problems
  • Stay online!
  • Meet online
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